Intense Lip Glosses For The Brave And Bold

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  • Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Intense Lip Glosses For The Brave And Bold
Intense Lip Glosses For The Brave And Bold

This season, we’re saying no to safe and boring lip colours, and yes to the brightest traffic-stopping glosses we can find. But be warned: These looks are for the bravest souls who live their lives to be seen. From vibrant liquid lip glosses to popping matte bullets, there’s no such thing as too much intensity. Let’s play! 


1. Cobalt Blue 

Luxurious cobalt blue liquid lip gloss is about as striking as you can go. It looks like an ocean on your lips and it’s a total knockout on dark-skinned girls. For the boldest and brightest shine, a liquid look is best, so we love the Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip Gloss – a vivid colour that dries on your lips but still maintains its shine.  



2. Holographic

What makes this gorgeous, shimmery gloss so unique is that it isn’t just a single colour, but rather a blend that interchanges with motion and lighting shifts. The holographic effect is achieved by mixing soft colours like lilacs, lavenders and blues to create a colour that’s perfectly on point with those mermaid and unicorn trends we’re seeing these days. The entire experience of wearing this colour is pure fantasy. For the best 3D finish, try NYX Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss in Day Club – a blend of light blue base, lavender and pink.

3. Yellow


The brightest shade on the colour wheel is finally being embraced as a legitimate lip colour in the world of high-fashion makeup. And dark-skinned girls, in particular, rock yellows and golds to perfection thanks to the contrast between skin and lip. The diverse range of finishes and hues, from dripping liquid gold to sun-kissed burnt bronze and the unmissable bright lemon with matte finish, make it a trend with staying power. The colour can be hard to find, however.


 4. Silver


This liquid gloss is the ultimate lip shine. Under strong lighting, the silvery colour perfectly evokes robots in a sci-fi film. The futuristic colour is perfect to complete a sleek and sharp makeup look. Our favourite gloss for this look is NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Silver Sparkle, for a perfect metallic sheen.


 5. Black


Now, it may seem at odds with the idea of bright lip colours, but moody black is just as impactful as yellow. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Alien Black is a great choice, gliding on smoothly. It’s even waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about protecting your lips from sudden rainstorms or a surprise push into the pool. 

What makes these stylised glosses so unique is their ability to work with all skin tones, which is not common in the world of lip colour. These unconventional colours will bring out your playful side and allow you to shine wherever you go. The most important thing is to be daring and not to let fear stop you from trying these eye-popping colours yourself.  


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