Introducing Step Zero and how it takes your makeup to a perfect ten

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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Introducing Step Zero and how it takes your makeup to a perfect ten
Introducing Step Zero and how it takes your makeup to a perfect ten

Chances are that unless you’re an absolute newbie to makeup, you have at least a general idea about the application order of your cosmetics. If you’re not sure, well, we’re here to help.

The point is, by now you probably feel like you have a basic understanding of what to do to achieve a cohesive look. But what if we told you that you might be neglecting a simple, but crucial step that can take your makeup game from a solid 7 or 8 to a flat out 10?


Introducing Step Zero!


If Step Zero sounds complicated and intimidatingly technical, don’t worry. You may already be incorporating it (or at least part of it) into your makeup routine without even knowing it. This is because Step Zero is the very first preparatory step of your application regimen.


You know how smooth, soft lips make the perfect canvas for your lipstick, helping it to glide on easily and look great? The same goes for your face as a whole.


But how do you prepare your skin to be an immaculate foundation for all your products? We got David White, National Head Makeup Artist for Urban Decay in South Africa to walk us through the Step Zero process.


Your Step Zero guide:


  1. Start by polishing your face with a mild powder exfoliator, such as Urban Decay Pretty Gritty Skin Polish. As David explains, “The gentle smoothing beads liberate the skin surface of any clogging debris, ensuring a glass-smooth complexion for the makeup to come.”


  2. “A hydrated skin is a happy skin.” Or so David insists. This means that after gentle exfoliating, a “cushiony” moisturiser comes next, to ensure foundation-ready flawlessness and a plumped complexion. Depending on the end-effect you’re going for, you have two options to choose from during this phase: A) After applying your moisturiser of choice, follow immediately with liquid foundation to create a coveted dewy finish. This is a good idea during the drier winter months as the foundation will trap a film of hydration from the moisturizer, making the skin feel more comfortable all day. B) Before doing anything else, allow the moisturiser to settle fully into the skin. Once the waiting time is up, apply your favourite complexion makeup. “The result is a foundation that is longer lasting and fuller in both tint and coverage,” explains David.
  3. Finally, make sure to prep the facial zone with a Priming Spray (David recommends any of the Urban Decay Prep Priming Sprays, like ultra-hydrating, skin-restoring Quick Fix, vitamin-infused B6, or collagen-enriched Rebound) for combined on-the-go and a complexion-perfecting benefits. Actually, application of the primer is quite flexible in terms of order – it can be done before moisturising, after, or even applied as the moisturiser itself on those super-busy days.


For the record, if you’re interested in mastering the glass skin look, Step Zero is an especially important part of pulling off this dewy-complexioned Asian beauty trend


There you have it. Sometimes we get so caught up in progressing through, and perfecting, each step of the (sometimes very complicated) makeup application process that we overlook the fundamentals. And Step Zero is definitely something you shouldn’t skip if you want to look your radiant best.

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