Late night? Here are 4 ways to hide the evidence

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  • Monday, March 25, 2019
Late night? Here are 4 ways to hide the evidence
Late night? Here are 4 ways to hide the evidence

A good night’s sleep gives you glowing, healthy skin, but even the best of us pull an all-nighter from time to time. The result is tired eyes and a dull, puffy complexion. Maybe you’ve been burning the midnight oil for work or school. Maybe you’ve just been partying till dawn!


Whatever. Yes, cucumber slices do help, but we’ve got a few other tricks to help you look fresh and flawless (even when your skin is begging for a little more beauty rest).


1. Get clever with concealer


If you’re sleep deprived, then NYX Professional Makeup Colour Correcting Palette is your new best friend. Use this concealer underneath your foundation. Green concealer combats redness, lilac helps with dullness, and yellow is great for those really dark under-eye circles. We really love this palette, because it also contains shades that are perfect for contouring






2. Use creamy products


Lack of sleep dries out the skin, and this is especially true if you’ve been drinking. So skip powdery makeup in favour of cream-based products.


Heavy foundation is harsh on tired skin. Instead, use a BB cream or mix moisturiser into your normal foundation. If you really need to boost your glow, liquid highlighter will do the job. Try adding a few drops of Urban Decay Liquid Aura Illuminating Mix-In Medium to your foundation for a dewy look.


Matte, powder blush can make dull skin look flaky. Instead, we recommend Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush™ which has a gel formula that provides translucent, buildable colour.


3. Contour to reduce puffiness


Enhancing your bone structure does wonders for puffy skin. You don’t have to go all out - light makeup is best for tired skin. Use a cream-based contouring product (a shade from NYX Professional Makeup Colour Correcting Palette should be perfect). Suck in your cheeks and draw a line in each hollow, from your cheekbone towards your lips. Use a large make up brush to buff out and blend the colour.




4. Light eyes are bright eyes

Heavy eye makeup will just draw attention to red, swollen eyes. Don’t overdo it, and use light colours. Apply nude shadow to your lids, and a white shimmering shade dotted just on the inner corners. Add a touch of mascara, but skip the dark eyeliner. Using a nude eye pencil on your waterline will help to reduce redness. Try NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere - it’s creamy and glides on effortlessly.


Finish with lip balm to nourish dehydrated lips. Even if you don’t feel fresh, you’ll look it. Just promise yourself a good night’s sleep as soon as possible - your skin will thank you!


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