Look good and look after the world with responsible makeup

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  • Monday, October 15, 2018
Look good and look after the world with responsible makeup
Look good and look after the world with responsible makeup

Eco-friendly, cruelty free, vegan – these words no longer only apply to the energy we use in our homes, the cars we drive or the food we eat. These days, we’re also interested in ethical cosmetics brands. As fashionistas, we want to look glamorous and gorgeous, but we also care about what goes into our favourite mascara.

In the spirit of eco-consciousness, many cosmetics companies are now providing choices for consumers who want the best makeup products that are also environmentally responsible and don’t test on animals. Here are a few ways ethical makeup brands are making a difference.


Cruelty-free makeup

In days gone by, almost all cosmetic products were tested on animals. Now, the list of makeup brands that are not cruelty free is becoming shorter than ever. Many products are now proudly 100% cruelty free.

Urban Decay and NYX Professional Makeup are two of these cruelty-free brands committed to ending animal testing. Their extensive ranges of high-quality products – ranging from foundations and powders to incredible eyeshadow palettes – have been certified by PETA.

Vegan makeup

One of the ways makeup brands are supporting ‘woke’ makeup lovers is by providing vegan makeup products. In addition to being cruelty free, vegan makeup does not include any animal-derived ingredients, such as waxes, fats, alcohols and oils. These ingredients are replaced with plant or synthetic alternatives.

Urban Decay and other premium brands are now identifying and labelling which of their offerings are vegan, continually expanding this special category.

Vegan makeup can even extend beyond cosmetics to makeup brushes. A great example is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Double-Ended Brush which features no animal components. The super-soft bristles are entirely synthetic – in fact, they’re made from recycled plastic bottles, making this must-have makeup tool eco-friendly as well as vegan.

Responsibly sourced materials

Beyond veganism and animal testing, we should all care about how our makeup is made and the social and environmental impact of cosmetic production. Source materials and production processes should be sustainable. In other words, they should not damage the environment, or negatively affect the lives of employees involved in production.

Look out for products made from recycled tin, plastic and glass, which reduce waste and resource use. Some brands, like L’Oréal Paris, have even implemented recycling programmes in certain regions, where women can have their finished products, like lipsticks and mascara tubes, collected, separated into reusable components and then recycled. 

L'Oréal Paris also has a sustainability programme called ‘Sharing Beauty with All’ that aims to reduce the company’s global environmental footprint and uplift society. 

The misconception that beauty equates to self-absorption has never been further from the truth. It’s becoming increasingly possible to not only look good, but do good for the world at the same time.


Free of chemicals and allergens

Some ingredients may not be harmful to the environment, but are harsh on sensitive skin. Many cosmetic brands are now including natural ingredients in their ranges. For example, almost all Maybelline products are anti-allergy and dermatologically tested.

So who said that beauty was all about vanity? The world has changed, and sustainability is the next big beauty trend.


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