Look out! Here's the top, er, bottom lash trend for 2018

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Look out! Here's the top, er, bottom lash trend for 2018
Look out! Here's the top, er, bottom lash trend for 2018

Lower lashes are having their moment in the spotlight. Their takeover began on Instagram when influencers took notes from the world’s top runways, and a new trend was born. It may seem impossible to decorate such a small area, but leave it to trendsetters to find a way. Here are the biggest lower lash trends for 2018: 


Lash extensions

From barbed-wire-looking spikes to spider legs, expect to see every kind of weird and wonderful lower lash extensions in 2018 going long, curved and exaggerated. Applying the extensions is a bit tricky, requiring adhesive, tweezers, and a lot of time and patience, depending on whether the lashes are individuals or clusters. 


Cluster lashes

Inspired by vintage 60s doe-eyed glamour, this trend is a remixed version of the clumpy lashes trend, but with a focus on your lower lashes only. Since lower lashes are very fine, it works best on lash extensions. Apply mascara to your lower lashes by swiping downward and letting them stick in sections together before allowing to dry. If your lashes look like curled claws, then you’ve arrived.  


Coloured liner

Forget about basic black, because in 2018 we’re going bold with colour! Pinks, bright purples and double lines in contrasting colours – there’s no such thing as too much. Use your chosen creamy pencil to draw a line across your lash line, or, starting from your inner corner, draw across to the middle of your lash, then leave a small space break and continue to the other side. Give a slight flick at the outer corner to create a fabulous under-eye wing.   


Smoky under eye

Yes, we’re going there – smoky underneath with a bare eye crease. First, apply an eye primer to prevent colour from smearing the lower lash area. Then, line your eyes with black eyeliner on your lash line and use an appropriate brush to slightly smudge it. Lastly, apply mascara in a swiping up-down motion. If you want more drama, thicken and intensify the liner for that rockstar look, or keep it to a single thin line if you want to remain innocent. 

To make the most of this trend, be creative and play around with patterns, flicks and exaggeration. These avant-garde movements aren’t going anywhere, so be sure embrace the fab and the freaky.   


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