Love these red shades for your lips

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  • Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Love these red shades for your lips
Love these red shades for your lips

It’s the must-have beauty essential every woman needs in their arsenal. It’s the stiletto heel of makeup that has shaped ideas of feminine power for decades. Nobody could live without red lipstick, which comes in every shade, from dark, daring mahogany, to light, brightening rose, and everything in between. It has never gone out of style, but this classic look is making a modern comeback thanks to new technologies and diverse finishes. Here are our favourite shades that have got us seeing red, in a good way:  


Red classic 


There’s no better way to start the journey back to red than with the classic matte lipstick bullet. The modern version has ditched the dryness of your grandma’s lipstick, and is refreshingly hydrating. The perfect example is L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Matte Obsession Lipstick in Haute Rouge that has a creamier, smoother glide on your lips. This shade of bright crimson is the traffic-stopping, fire-engine colour synonymous with powerful and uncompromising women. Wear it when you need to show the world your dominant side – it’s not for those who want to hide.   


Red edgy 

Different. Dangerous. And sophisticated. Turn heads with Maybelline Color Sensational Powder Matte and the killer shade that is Cruel Ruby. The colour is intense, it glides on smooth and it’s so lightweight you’ll probably forget you’re wearing it. Others won’t forget you though. Take a selfie to appreciate that ultra-powdery matte finish that feels like silk on your skin, and lasts for hours.  


Red puff


If you’re in love with a bit of texture on your lips, then a fluffy cream lippie is what you’re after. It’s too much fun twisting NYX Powder Puff Lippe Powder Lip Cream, watching the Group Love True Red colour squeeze through the pores of the cotton applicator and applying it over your lips. This dimly lit ruby-red pops on all skin colours, which is a great bonus, and sets in a powdery finish. 


Red stain


As the ultimate hydrator, lip stains are the hottest trend in liquid lipstick. With it, you can’t help but have a permanent pout, or want to lick your lips! Liquid lipsticks are water based, and give just enough red to show on your lips. The ultimate in red stain luxe is undoubtedly Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain Pop Water in Red Spray, because it makes you look like you’ve been sucking on a cherry lollipop for hours. Apply to your inner lips and wait for it to set to get the perfect Lolita lips.    
Get the most of this iconic look by playing with the different shades of red. It’s one of the most versatile colours because of the variety of shades it comes in, and can adapt to every skin tone. Try everything on your skin, and enjoy the romance of this passionate colour. And don’t forget to look fabulous doing it!

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