Makeup courses: What should you look for?

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  • Monday, August 19, 2019
Makeup courses: What should you look for?
Makeup courses: What should you look for?

Beauty bloggers and other influencers are continually introducing us to the latest buzzwords that keep us up to date on what’s trending in the beauty world. One such trend is makeup courses and masterclass experiences. Here’s what you need to look out for to ensure a specific course is right for you. 


Makeup courses: women holding brushes


Does it fit your purpose?

You need to know why you’re interested in undertaking the makeup course. Will it expand your career in the industry or is it purely for fun? If it is for professional reasons, you need to establish whether the course is accredited or recognised outside of your country. If you are interested in training to master your personal makeup skills, then you should verify if it covers your areas of interest.


Makeup course structure and flexibility

If you are doing this for fun, you should ideally find a class that takes place outside of your working hours or on weekends when you have more free time. Pick a once-off course or a continuous one, depending on your requirements. Does the structure offer group settings that allow you to bring your friends along as well as cater for some one-on-one tutoring?


If the course you are keen to do is for career advancement purposes, you need to establish how long the course is and when the course is taking place. Do they offer you flexible payment options and are you able to commit to the duration, fees and structure? Does the training open you up to different styles and artists who can empower you to style according to the event, time at hand and desired look-and-feel?


Scrutinise the content

While masterclasses and makeup courses will expose you to different types of makeup offerings like teaching you how to pick the right shade of foundation, application techniques, tools, tricks and tips; at the end of the day, there should be a clear focus area that you come out mastering.


These focus areas can include, but should not be limited to:



There’s so much value that can come out of makeup courses if they speak to your interests and objectives. A makeup course should foster skills transferal as well as help elevate your makeup knowledge. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if they are presented in a fun and interactive way.


Makeup courses: Women with makeup on face


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