Makeup storage made simple

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  • Friday, December 7, 2018
Makeup storage made simple
Makeup storage made simple

There’s no such thing as too much makeup – until you run out of storage space, that is! Luckily, we have a few makeup storage ideas and solutions to share with you so that nothing can possibly hold you back from continuing to add to your collection.  Whoop whoop!

Invest in drawers

Stuffing your impressive and extensive makeup collection into a vanity case just isn’t working, is it? It’s time to get inventive and stash your makeup in mini drawers instead. You know those adorable little drawers that companies used to use for filing before the Cloud became a thing? Those! They’re the perfect choice as they won’t take up too much space and they’ll allow you to store your makeup by category.

You could categorise according to the product, (i.e. ‘lipsticks’, ‘blush’, ‘powder’) or according to your favourite looks (i.e. ‘vamp’, ‘angelic’, ‘bold’).

Acrylic storage drawers are always a good option particularly if your filing skills aren’t great. If it’s see-through, you can find what you need at a glance.

Be kind to your brushes

Your makeup brushes are like magic wands – without them, you would never be able to apply your makeup so flawlessly. Hence the need to store them with care. You can protect the bristles by not tossing them into a bag. Instead, place them into a cute container bristle-side up. Make use of an old vase or candle holder, drop a few small rocks in the bottom and stick your brushes, bristle up, between them. And voila – an instant brush holder.

Do a cleanout

It’s natural for the self-proclaimed makeup-obsessed to horde their products. But the truth is that it’s not doing you any favours – and not just from a space perspective. It isn’t good for your health either. Believe it or not, most makeup products have an expiry date, with the majority of them lasting for a maximum of 18 months after first use.

You’ll want to be especially careful about using eye makeup products past their expiry dates as this can lead to unwanted eye infections. In fact, beauty experts recommend replacing your mascara and liquid eyeliner as often as every three months. Keen to save money? Pencil eyeliner can last for up to two years!

The secret to being a savvy makeup organiser? Get creative and don’t be afraid to get rid of the products you don’t use. Think of it this way – every time you throw a product away, you’ll get to replace it with something brand new!

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