Makeup testers? Ew. Here’s how to get around the germs

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  • Thursday, April 25, 2019
Makeup testers? Ew. Here’s how to get around the germs
Makeup testers? Ew. Here’s how to get around the germs

We all like to test makeup before we splash out. It’s essential to make sure the colour and texture are right for our skin. But makeup testers in even the most luxurious store can be breeding grounds for germs. Ew!


If you weren’t thinking about germs, you sure are now. Luckily, we have some tips to test out makeup products without exposing yourself to a host of nasty diseases.


Don’t use built-in tester applicators


Even if the makeup counter provides brushes and sponges, don’t use them. Do you even know when they were last washed? Just don’t. Use your fingers instead.


Test pencils and lipstick on the back of your hand


Don’t put any sample product anywhere near your eyes or mouth. Test the colour on the back of your hand - this will give you a fairly good indication of how smoothly the product applies and how it will look. If you really have to see how a gorgeous new lipstick will look against your complexion, ask a store assistant for help. They can use a blade to slice a thin layer off the top of the lipstick, revealing germ-free colour beneath.


Test out mascara on your arm hairs


Eye infections can be nasty, girl! So, you should avoid putting a bacteria-laden mascara wand near your lashes. Testing the product on your arm hairs can show you how good a mascara is at achieving length and volume.


What about powder, foundation and eyeshadow?


Use a tissue to wipe away the top layer of tester powder before you use it. Do the same for creamy foundations that are sold in jars. For liquid foundation in tubes or pump bottles, squeeze a little out first, discard, and then squeeze out a little more to test. This way, you avoid using any product that has been exposed to air and bacteria.


To get the best indication of colour, you should test a foundation at your jawline. But if this gives you the heebie-jeebies, the inside of your arm will do. The skin from your wrist to your elbow is typically lighter in colour and delicate, just like the skin on your face.


You can do the same for eyeshadow - wipe the top layer of product to remove germs, then test the colour out on the inside of your wrist.


Once you’ve selected and purchased your products, wash your hands thoroughly. Makeup counters may look glossy and glamorous, but they can get rather dirty and you don’t want to pick up a bug and get sick.



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