Makeup tips we’ll be taking with us into spring

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  • Thursday, August 22, 2019
Makeup tips we’ll be taking with us into spring
Makeup tips we’ll be taking with us into spring

Bye-bye winter chills, hello springtime blossoms. Here are some forget-me-not tips to elevate your springtime makeup.

“Spring has sprung”. You’ve probably heard the phrase a hundred times. It means change, life and renewed beauty is here as the winter melts away, the grass greens and the birds begin to sing. As the weather starts to warm up and nature blossoms, let spring reflect in your daily makeup. Here are our expert makeup tips to carry you into the start of spring.


Less is more

In the same way, you’ll be shedding the jackets, sweaters and coats; now’s the time to strip the unnecessary layers off your face. Perhaps that seven-step beauty regimen you religiously uphold could work just as well with two steps. Also, think less in terms of the portion sizes you apply. Sometimes a tiny drop does your makeup more justice than a full application.


Makeup tips we’ll be taking with us into spring: woman with natural makeup


Don’t just apply stuff for the sake of doing so, or because you’ve always done it that way. Round rosy cheeks are so last season! Instead, let your blush double up as a pro-contouring tool in your hands. The same goes for other tools, ingredients and applications. See how you can double-task with your products to lighten the load on your skin.


Spring clean

Just as you would do for your home, spring calls for some sprucing up in often-overlooked crevasses and nooks. Disinfect those bacteria-infested sponges and brushes, or invest in new ones. We love the Urban Decay Pro Detailed Smudger BrushIt helps create killer smoked-out eyes while also being a cruelty-free brush that’s put together from recycled bottles and harbours fewer bacteria than brushes made from porous animal hair? The gunmetal grey handle made from recycled aluminium is another bonus.


Maximise your catalysts

For starters, you need to know which makeup “catalysts” are worth investing in and adding to your makeup kit. We can’t stop raving about why you need a primer in your life. A top-class primer serves as that one product to make all your other makeup settle in better, and elevate your look without that cloggy feeling or need for more makeup.

Another game changer is Urban Decay CHILL Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray - it keeps your makeup looking vibrant and fresh for up to 12 hours.


Harness your inner glow

Spring means fun in the sun and therefore calls for a need to protect your face from harmful UV rays. Just as you would layer up in winter to keep out the cold, sun and fun mean layering up with protective SPF products, that include your sunscreen. Even if your foundation consists of an SPF, you can never have too much protection! Yves Saint Laurent’s All Hours Foundation is great for all skin types and leaves a perfectly glowing matte finish. For that extra lift, it incorporates a black tea antioxidant complex to give your skin a lively spark.


Know yourself

So often you read about how you should use ‘this or that’ product, even if it’s not ideal for your skin. You are an individual and should opt for face, hair care and skin products that are best suited for you. Perhaps you don’t need the extra weight on your curls and can ditch the conditioner. If you have oily skin, don’t go for the additional oily topical ointments.


Let nature guide you

It can be tempting to get carried away with beauty blogger frenzies, popular product picks and makeup trends just because they are part of topical celebrity makeup. Let nature guide you and be wary of trying too many different styles and trends at once.  

Your beauty regimens must be founded on a thorough knowledge of your skin tone, and natural complexion as well as aspects such as anti-pollution makeup that will help to protect and nourish your skin. Let spring be the season you allow yourself to blossom from within.


Makeup tips we’ll be taking with us into spring: woman with natural makeup

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