Makeup tricks to hide tired eyes

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Makeup tricks to hide tired eyes
Makeup tricks to hide tired eyes
When you’ve been living the longest day of your life but don’t want it to show, don’t stress – it’s nothing that your favourite beauty looks can’t fix. The trick is to reduce the appearance of dark circles, defined lines and puffiness under your eyes, as this area is a dead giveaway of sleep deprivation. Here are the best tricks to disguise the droop when duty calls and snoozes are scarce:  

Cover up with concealer 

Concealer is your pal for any cover-up job because… well, that’s what it was made for. You have two options here: use a shimmery concealer like Maybelline Fit Me Concealer to bring the light back into your eyes and make you look alive again, or a colour-correcting concealer to combat the loss of colour in the under-eye area. Swipe the applicator wand on the skin under your eyes and use a blending brush to smooth out the lines.   

Neutralise with nude eyeshadow

Using something neutral and a shade brighter than your skin’s usual tone will refill the under-eye area with a more natural colour and camouflage the discolouration and puffiness. Use your finger and dab NYX Professional Makeup Nude Matte Shadow under your eyes in a few strokes and blend. Remember, eyeshadow is best applied over a layer of concealer. 

Brighten with white eyeliner

It freshens, widens and brightens your eyes by counteracting the unflattering dark circles and redness to make you look more alert and focused. Apply a creamy pencil like NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Pencil across your waterline from your tear duct to the corner and back again. The thicker the line, the more effective it’ll be in disguising your tiredness.  

Distract with bold eyes

Since you’re not looking too hot around your lower eye area, you’ll want to draw attention upwards to your upper eye. This means going for thick, black lashes and a perfectly drawn thick pencil close to your upper lash line to provide the distraction. Use voluminous mascara like Lancôme Hypnose Drama to maximise your eyelash length and give it volume. Yes, it’s dramatic, but it’ll get the job done.   

Divert with Highlighter

Use highlighter, like NYX Professional Makeup Away We Glow, to direct light away from tired lines. Squeeze a few drops onto your palm and use your finger or a brush to dap the highlighter on the tear duct, the corner of your eyes and your brow bone. 

All these ideas can be used together or separately. Remember to use colours that match your skin tone when covering up, and bold colours to distract away from your lower eye area.


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