Master the ombre effect for your lips

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Master the ombre effect for your lips
Master the ombre effect for your lips
Ombre creates shades cascading down our hair, so why wouldn’t we want it to descent further and land smack bang on our lips? It’s the older, more dramatic sibling of the gradient lip trend, and it’s everything you need to make you smile. Ombre consists of using hues of a single light colour and a complementary darker shade to create dimensions and the illusion of depth. Here’s how to shade your lips: 

What you’ll need:
Lip primer
Dark-coloured lip liner 
Lighter matte lip cream 

Step 1: Prepare your lips to hold all that fab colour with a nude lip primer. This will help make your ombre outlast your longest day, defeat the darkest wine drinks and successfully seal the colour in place. 

Step 2: Apply concealer on your lips to neutralise their colour so the ombre has a stronger effect. This step is essential if you have dark lips. Then apply concealer on the skin around your lips to provide a smooth, even canvas for your entire lower face area. 

Step 3: Outline your lips with the dark lip liner. Begin at the corner of your bottom lip, curving across to the other side. Draw slowly so you can get an even, smooth line. Once you’re satisfied with your line, move to your top lip, starting with your Cupid’s bow and extending to both sides of your lip line. Using the lip liner, softly smudge the line, and press your lips together until you get a slight smudge on the corner but leave the centre blank. 

Step 4: Use a lip cream that is a few shades lighter than the lip liner in the centre of the lip. Begin at the bottom centre of your lip, then move on to the top centre of your lip and press together until there are no blank spots showing. You want to get a good blend of the two colours so apply more of the lighter lip cream or dark lip liner if one colour is overpowering the other.

A top tip to mastering this ombre look is to practise with safe colours before experimenting with bolder ones. When you’re ready, use a highly pigmented and striking lip cream colour to create the ultimate dark and light contrast.

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