Matte vs Glossy: what is best for nude lips?

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Matte vs Glossy: what is best for nude lips?
Matte vs Glossy: what is best for nude lips?

We’ve seen the glassy shine and the more subtle, velvety polish, but still can’t make up our minds about which is best on nude lips. Nude lips have come a long way, from playing a supporting role for bold eyes to becoming a statement look on their own. It does this by emphasising the curves of your lips, making you look natural yet polished and fresh-faced. It delivers a sophisticated look without doing much. But the debate among today’s fierce ladies rages on. What’s better –  shimmery gloss or chic matte lipstick?  


The nude matte look is such a classic, whether worn on the lips or on the eyes. The nude matte lip is incredibly sophisticated, subtle and polished. This immovable finish is perfect for when you want to be taken seriously, so go all out and use Lancôme Colour Design Matte Lip Crayon in Nothing to Wear, as it sticks flat to the skin and will help you shine naturally when paired with sleek hair.

Don’t believe the rumours that matte lipstick finishes like a dull, dry paint. There are many consistencies and finishes to choose from, whether silky and velvety smooth in lipstick bullets or tubes of flowing liquid. The drawback is that matte nude lips can look chalky if you don’t know how to match it with your skin colour. If you prefer a liquid look, find your way to Maybelline Colour Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Thrill for its pop of colour to keep away the white and dusty chalk look. 





When you’re feeling extra girly and want to enhance your no makeup look or make that subtle pop of colour around your eyes shine, then go glossy. You can’t get the colour wrong, so it’s perfect for fearful newbies afraid to dive into nude lips.

You can also use it to enhance the shine from other lit-up makeup features or your lustrous locks. The shimmer in NYX Professional Makeup Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Natural or Nude Peach is irresistible if you have glittery eyes and want to complement them. We also love the all-new L'Oréal Havana Camila Cabello Lip Gloss in Serendipity for sparkling lips without overpowering colour. The one drawback is that the glossy nude lips look can have a teenage girl vibe to it when the sparkle level is too intense. Using a premium long-wear gloss like YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in Camel Croisiere will rescue you from looking too young.  





So, after weighing up the good, the bad and the glossy, which one is best for this can’t-live-without-it lip trend? Well, why not have the best of both worlds? The best finish of nude lips depends on the occasion, your outfit, your entire makeup look, and the season.

Matte is best for a mature and sleek look when you really want to neutralise a bold eye and not have competing colours on your face.

Gloss is better for when you’re feeling playful and girly and want to add some special sparkle to a natural makeup look or enhance a subtle shine on your face.

Either way, you’re a winner for choosing to go nude.

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