Must know manicure hacks to get your dream nails

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  • Tuesday, August 14, 2018
Must know manicure hacks to get your dream nails
Must know manicure hacks to get your dream nails

We all want those special signature nails with unique and specially tailored designs, but going to the nail salon isn’t always an option. No worries! Everything you need to create your perfect mani is already in your mani drawer. Try these handy (and affordable) manicure tricks:

What you’ll need:

 • Clear plasters
 • White nail polish
 • Peel-off glue
 • Paintbrush
 • Makeup wedge sponge
 • Three colours of nail polish
 • Paper towel
 • Clear base coat
 • White finishing powder
 • Bowl

Plasters for French mani perfection

Using a plaster (especially see-through ones) will help keep the white tip of a French manicure in uniform shape. Place a clear plaster over your nail so that it only exposes the tip. Use a white nail polish, like Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Marshmallow, to paint a single horizontal stripe over the nail tip. Remove the plaster once the nail has dried.

Peel-off glue for no-mess, no-fuss effects

Simply, the glue acts as a versatile base coat to prevent mess and ensure accuracy. Pour the peel-off glue into a bowl and dip your paintbrush into the liquid. Paint the glue over your nails and surrounding skin in the pattern or effect you’re trying to achieve. When the glue turns transparent, it’s dry enough for you to paint your nails how you usually do. Once your nail polish has dried, peel off the glue from your nails and skin.

Wedge sponge ombre awesomeness

Take old wedge sponges from your makeup bag that you don’t intend using on your face again. To create the ombre effect, choose three contrasting nail polish colours. Paint a thick stripe onto the sponge in the one colour, a medium stripe below it with the second colour, and finally a thin stripe at the bottom in the third colour. Press the sponge over your nail and hold for a minute. Voila! Instant ombre.

Paper towel chip fix

To fix chipped nails, cut a tiny piece of paper towel into a rectangular shape that is long enough to fill the chip, and press it onto your finger. Use Essie First Base clear base coat to paint over the fix and let it dry. Finally, cut off any raggedy edges left sticking out.

Finishing matte nails with powder

Matte nails are goals this season, and you have the perfect mattifying agent right in your beauty bag: white finishing powder. Scoop out a small amount of a powder (like NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder), place it in a small bowl, and then add your nail polish colour. Mix the two and use the nail polish applicator to paint your nails.

Your home is bursting with everyday items and products to achieve your dream nails. Use them wisely!

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