Nail design inspiration for summer

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  • Friday, November 16, 2018
Nail design inspiration for summer
Nail design inspiration for summer

So, you already know what colours are going to be all the rage for the warmer months. If you don’t well, While it’s good to know what base shades are in though, maybe you want to try a look that’s a bit more advanced – putting your (or your beautician’s) nail art skills to the on-trend test.


Fortunately, there’s nothing too complex on the cards for summer 2018. These are our top 3 favourite looks to apply to your fingertips in the coming weeks and months – and they’re the pinnacle of simple but striking.


Get stripy


Whether you go with plain black, or one of our new favourite summer colours, the season’s go-to look is stripy nails. We’re not talking about a zebra effect though. Think more tasteful and understated, with a single horizontal or vertical stripe on otherwise nude nails. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of rigid lines and want to push the limits of convention a bit, trace your cuticles or just the tips of your nails with your polish of choice. 


Stop and smell the roses


Alright, maybe don’t paint actual roses on your nails, but there are few things that scream spring and summer as much as flowers. Just as floral inevitably hits fashion this time of year, it’s carrying over to nails too for 2018. The key here is subtlety. Instead of monstrous daisies, dot your bare nails strategically with abstract petal shapes. Whether you go with pastel colours or something bolder, your nail beds and tips are prime real estate for application.



While this season’s nail trends skew heavily towards minimalism for the most part, this forecasted look certainly doesn’t strive to appear natural. Perhaps not for everyone, jewel appliques are nonetheless here to glam up your nails – and they’re ideal for big nights out. If you’re feeling a little shy about going full bling, stick to tiny crystals. Glue just a couple of crystals to a metallic polish in a similar shade and you’ll be surprised how elegant it looks.


Whatever look you go with, nail specialists Essie have you covered in terms of all the polish shades, bases, top coats and nail care products you’ll need.


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