Negative space eye shadow - Perfect it with these tools and tips

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  • Monday, August 27, 2018
Negative space eye shadow - Perfect it with these tools and tips
Negative space eye shadow - Perfect it with these tools and tips

Cut-crease makeup is the latest eye trend that we simply can’t get enough of – and it’s still evolving! If experience has taught us anything, it’s that makeup techniques that originate in one area tend to migrate to other parts of the body, too. Enter negative space eyeshadow – a trend that first kicked off as negative space nails before moving on up to our eyes. There are an infinite number of shapes and lines that can be created, making this trend the outlet for artistic expression we needed. Here’s what you’ll need to pull it off.

Brushes: This look requires precision and a steady hand, as you’ll be drawing fine lines on a small surface area. So, fine-pointed eyeliner brushes will be your secret weapon when creating the negative space lines. A tapered brush or a crease brush will be needed to apply the eyeshadow to your crease, as well as a blending brush to smooth and smudge it slightly. Another optional extra is a good eyeliner brush that can be used when you want to darken and define the cut crease. 

Concealer: The unsung hero of this trend must be concealer. Sometimes it’s not easy leaving a gap in-between your eyelid and eye crease, because makeup smudges and mistakes happen. If you’re struggling to keep the eye lid clean, dip a fine-tipped eyeliner brush into some concealer and used it to draw the negative space line instead. 

Sticky Tape: Negative space eye shadow is quite high on the difficulty scale, so if you’re uncomfortable going freehand, use tape as a handy stencil. Before applying eyeshadow to the crease, stick a piece of tape over your eyelid as necessary to cover the skin and keep it makeup-free. 

Eyeshadow palette: The cut-crease look is created through contrasting light and dark colours. When choosing eyeshadow to achieve this look, pick a palette with a variety of light and dark colours, or a single colour in different hues. During the practice stage, use a nude eyeshadow palette so mistakes aren’t as easily visible.  

Primer: It goes without saying – all eye looks must begin with a primer. Negative space eyeshadow separates your makeup into specific areas that need to be kept in place. Therefore, using a priming cream over your entire eye area will not only prevent creasing, it will make sure your handiwork stays perfectly in place too. 

This trend rewards serious creativity. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the sky’s the limit. Don’t stick to the conventional cut crease either. Use your concealer and fine-tipped eyeliner brush to draw hearts, stars, curls, outlines and whatever shape you can think of.  

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