Negative space nail art designs that are positively inspiring

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  • Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Negative space nail art designs that are positively inspiring
Negative space nail art designs that are positively inspiring

Negative space nail art definitely falls under the understated-glam category, but these styles are far from ordinary! This type of design plays with blank spaces to form beautifully intricate shapes and the results are pure perfection. While we love a fully painted nail, this type of nail art is refreshing and allows for a whole lot of creativity! These are a few of our favourite looks.




A popular technique of negative space design is to draw an oval shape on the cuticle, freeing the edge of the nail with a striping brush or fine-tipped paintbrush. Stick some tape onto the body of your nail to keep the lines even, to prevent the polish from running and to seamlessly paint an additional line across the tip of your nail.

Nails with black tips


Pointed arrows


We love these chevron-inspired arrowhead designs, and there are a hundred different ways to do it! Try the striking single arrow created by blank space on the nail bed, or multiple sharp pointed arrow shapes of varying widths stacked above each other. 

Hand with black and white painted nails




Negative space nail art lends itself to sharp corners and clean lines, making it the perfect playground for geometric shapes – everything from zigzags to triangles and even 3D prisms. These shapes stand out when drawn simply with black or white nail polish over bare nails. 

Multi designed and coloured nails




This style creates a two-toned block on your nails with half the nail painted one colour, while the other half (bottom) is left bare. The result is that nails look half dipped in nail lacquer, like ice cream on top of a cone. Spruce things up by using two different colours instead of leaving the bottom half clear.

White and turquoise coloured nails

The potential for creativity is infinite with negative space nail design. As your skills evolve, why not try including thin tape or colourful stickers on top of your perfectly painted nails, to create a design truly unique to you!


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