No salon necessary, remove your manicure at home

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  • Wednesday, March 20, 2019
No salon necessary, remove your manicure at home
No salon necessary, remove your manicure at home

We love nail polish as much as the next girl but there’s no denying that certain types are an absolute pain to remove. Not to mention that if you pick it off, your nails will be left in a paper-thin state (read all about looking after your nails here). If you're in a bind, can't get to the salon and need to do it yourself, follow our tips to make your mani removal as seamless as possible.


Could’ve foil-ed me!

You’ll need a bottle of acetone, nail file, ten cotton pads and a roll of tin foil to remove your nail polish easily at home. First, buff the surface of your nails with a file to remove the top layer of polish, then soak the cotton pads in acetone and place them directly on top of each nail. Wrap each finger with a strip of foil and remove the foil after 20 minutes – the polish should come off easily but if some residue remains, use a cuticle stick to push it off.


Soak it up

If you’re clean out of foil or cotton pads, you can use this soaking method to remove your mani – full disclosure: it takes a little longer than the foil method and requires more work, but works just as well. Use two bowls, one slightly smaller than the other, and fill the larger bowl with warm water. Pour acetone in the smaller bowl and place it inside the larger one. Allow the solution to heat up for a few minutes while you use a nail file to buff the surface of your nail polish. Place your fingers inside the acetone bowl and keep them in for a good 20 minutes, allowing the polish to soak off properly. To encourage optimal removal, use a cuticle stick while your nails are soaking to gently loosen the edges until each nail comes clean.


A little bit of TLC

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil and Fill The Gap Treatment are perfect post-removal treats for weakened nails and cuticles. Give your nails a break from certain polishes, like gel, for a while to allow them to breathe but be sure to apply a nail-strengthening treatment like Essie’s Fill The Gap Treatment to nourish them in between gel manicures. Rub a small amount of Essie’s Apricot Cuticle Oil onto your cuticles and nails every night before bed to maintain nail health and hydration.

Obviously, it goes without saying, that these methods can never replace your trusted nail technician - they will do the job professionally and properly, especially with the more difficult-to-remove polishes like gel. 


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