Our gift to you – this easy festive nail art tutorial

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  • Thursday, December 13, 2018
Our gift to you – this easy festive nail art tutorial
Our gift to you – this easy festive nail art tutorial

The holidays will be on us before we know it, and with all the parties coming up, it’s a fun time to spice up your nails with a little Christmas-themed nail art. One of the many things we love about the festive season is that it gives us an excuse to experiment with different looks and colour combinations that we might not dare to wear at any other time of year. Think gold, glitter and all that sparkles!


Christmas nail art can be a little nail crazy though… especially if you’re not really into too much bling. If you want unique Christmas nail art that is also elegant, office-friendly and matches just about any outfit, we have just the thing: Ombre holiday glitter nails!


Easy ombre holiday nails


But wait, you say. Isn’t ombre really hard? Can I really achieve the look myself? We’ll let you in on a secret: the ombre effect is almost impossible to mess up because it doesn’t require a steady hand to paint lines and intricate details.


You will need:


Gold nail varnish - try Essie Nail Lacquer in Buy Me A Cameo

Red shimmer nail varnish - try Essie Nail Lacquer in It’s Genius

Liquid latex (not essential but makes clean-up much easier)

A clean makeup sponge

A clean eyeshadow brush

Nail varnish remover


Step 1


Apply liquid latex all around your nail bed and let it dry. This stops nail polish from messing on your nail bed and creates a neat and tidy look. If you can’t find any liquid latex don’t fret - it’s not essential, but you’ll need to put a little more work into cleaning up afterwards.


Step 2


Apply a stripe of red and gold nail varnish to a makeup sponge, in an area the same size and shape as your nail. Blend the 2 colours into each other on the sponge for an ombre effect.


Step 3


Position the sponge so that the red polish is above your nail tips and dab the colour gently yet firmly onto your nail. You will get nail varnish all over your nail bed (see why we recommend liquid latex!) but don’t worry, you can clean up with nail varnish remover later. Reapply nail varnish to the sponge and apply colour to all your nails.


Step 4


Before your nails dry, use an eyeshadow brush dipped in nail varnish remover to clean up your nail beds. The soft, dense hairs of an eyeshadow brush are perfect for cleaning as they soak up lots of polish remover and are small enough to really get into the creases of skin around your nails.


Step 5


Apply another coat of ombre if you want more coverage, then finish with a protective top coat. We really like the instant matte effect of Essie Matte About You Top Coat - there’s just something so chic and classy about matte nails!

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