Out-of-the-box French manicures we adore

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  • Monday, August 26, 2019
Out-of-the-box French manicures we adore
Out-of-the-box French manicures we adore

The French manicure is hands down the most classic of all nail art ideas. It’s simple, elegant and easy to achieve at home, so naturally, we’ll always love this look. Traditional French manicure nails feature a nude or transparent blush pink nail with solid white tips, but it’s fun to play with designs and ideas that are a bit more out the box!


Without further ado, here are five French manicure designs with a trendy twist - that you can DIY at home with your favourite Essie Nail Polish.


Dripping gold

Apply clear or slightly pink tinted polish to clean, dry nails. Then, use a thin paintbrush and gold nail varnish to paint the drip effect at the tips. This nail design will look great with any metallic polish.


Shimmery smoky eye makeup is the perfect complement to this metallic French manicure - use the Maybelline Total Temptation Eyeshadow + Highlight Palette for a rose gold finish.


out-of-the-box French manicures we adore


Upside down manicure

This is a style that works well as both a long and short nails manicure. Apply clear varnish to your nails, then paint a thin line of Essie Nail Lacquer in Beach Bum Blue that follows the curve of your nail bed. You can use a fine paintbrush, or use a French manicure guide but place it upside down at the base of your nail.


out-of-the-box French manicures we adore



Duotone nails


Black and caramel brown is a match made in heaven and makes for a stunning French Manicure colour combo. Start with nude nails, and apply a wide band of luxurious Essie Nail Lacquer in Mink Muffs at the tips. Finish with a thin line of creamy black Essie Nail Lacquer in Licorice above the brown and seal with top coat.


Tip: use masking tape or sticky tape cut into thin strips as guides. This helps to keep your lines perfectly straight.


out-of-the-box French manicures we adore


Asymmetrical curves

Black nail polish is ultra-chic, and this geometric look is easy-peasy to achieve. Paint your nails a nude base colour such as the naturally pink Essie Nail Polish in Not Just A Pretty Face. Apply just a single coat, so the colour is semi-translucent. Use French manicure guides to mask off a thin section of each nail tip, but place the tape at an angle, so the curve is off centre. Paint the tips with jet-black Essie Nail Lacquer in Licorice and finish with a top coat to prevent chipping.


Complete the look with thumbprint winged eyeliner to match your black-tipped nails - L’Oreal Paris Superliner is a liquid liner pen that’s perfect for precision eye makeup.


out-of-the-box French manicures we adore


Dotted manicure 

Is there anything more French than a sprinkling of tiny polka dots? Dizzy dots give this French manicure a flirty charm, while still retaining loads of elegant and understated appeal. Apply a coat of classic Essie Nail Lacquer in Ballet Slippers, then use a nail dotting tool to paint tiny dots of sheer-finish Essie Nail Lacquer in Licorice in a curve along the nail bed. Most nail supply stores have a good selection of dotting tools - and it’s worth the investment if you enjoy nail art. Or, use a toothpick dipped into nail polish.


Above all - have fun with your nails! There’s so much you can do if you think out-of-the-box, and allow yourself to experiment with new makeup trends.


out-of-the-box French manicures we adore

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