Paint by numbers: The correct order to apply makeup

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  • Thursday, May 2, 2019
Paint by numbers: The correct order to apply makeup
Paint by numbers: The correct order to apply makeup

Think that the order in which you apply your makeup is purely a matter of preference? Think again! If a flawless finish and minimal clean-up are what you’re after, this is the order of everyday makeup application that you should be following.



1 Foundation or concealer?

It’s always beneficial to apply your foundation before touching up any gaps in coverage with a quality concealer. The foundation will help to even out your complexion, making it much easier for you to gauge just how much concealer you need to use.



2 Finish off the face

Before you start working on the details by defining features like your eyes or lips, it’s important to focus on the bigger picture first. That’s why most experts recommend you apply your bronzer next, followed by highlighter and blush.




3 Fill in those brows

Many eye makeup styles, like the classic cat eye, make use of your brows as a guide for getting the right angles. That’s the reason why filling in your brows is the natural next step.




4 Eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara?

Most women will apply their eyeliner before their eyeshadow in the hope that if they don’t do a seamless job, the eyeshadow will help to conceal their mistakes. However, experts will insist that eyeshadow comes first, followed by eyeliner and finished off with a lick of mascara. This gives you a more powerful and intense finish.




5 Powder it up

Powder comes next to help lock in your look and keep it looking freshly applied all day long. Apply it before you put on your lipstick to avoid any loose sprinkles falling and sticking onto the lips.




6 Last step – lipstick

Applying a smooth lippie is the best way in which to finish off your masterpiece. Plus, when applying lipstick last, you’ll know exactly how bold you can go with your colour depending on the rest of your face.




Turns out that flawless makeup application is really all about painting by numbers. Practice makes perfect!



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