Peeper perfection: 10 ways to make your eyes appear larger

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  • Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Peeper perfection: 10 ways to make your eyes appear larger
Peeper perfection: 10 ways to make your eyes appear larger

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. What you want is beautiful eyes that say “Look at me!” – but if you’re tired, or just aren’t blessed with large eyes, you can end up falling a little far from the ideal.

Luckily, help is at hand. While we can’t change the shape of your eyes, we can show you how to make them look bigger with makeup. 

Makeup to make eyes look bigger begins with your face. You need to get your canvas perfect if you want perfect peepers!


1. Reduce Puffiness with Primer

If you are tired, your eyes will look smaller. We recommend Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser to eliminate puffiness, wrinkles and enlarged pores.


2. Conceal Dark Circles

Dark under-eye circles draw attention away from your eyes. Use a full coverage product such as NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Jar in Yellow to cover imperfections.


3. Highlight Your Eyebrows

Perfectly groomed eyebrows open up the space between your eyes and your brows, making them appear wider. Tweeze any stray hairs or have your brows professionally shaped. Use Maybelline Brow Precise Perfecting Highlighter under your brows to enhance the shape and make the area appear larger.

While you may love a smoky eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger should not be too dark. Use a neutral base shade, with medium and lighter highlights.


4. Medium Shadow in the Crease

Use a slightly darker shade of eyeshadow to define the eyelid crease. This will add depth to the shape of your eyes and make them stand out.


5. Highlight the Inner Corners

Bright eyes appear bigger. Highlight the centre of your eyelids and the inner corners of your eyes with pearly white eyeshadow to make them look larger.

One of the most important eye makeup tips for small eyes involves eyeliner. Heavy eyeliner makes your eyes look small and can really make or break your look!


6. Thin Eyeliner on The Top Lashes

Use liquid liner to apply a very skinny line to the top lash line. Don’t apply any eyeliner to your bottom lash line as this will immediately make your eyes appear small and closed.


7. Navy Eyeliner Makes Eyes Look Brighter

Ditch your black or brown eyeliner. Navy eyeliner enhances your eyes by making them look brighter and larger.


8. Light Eyeliner on The Waterline

Using a light-coloured eyeliner on the rim where your eyelid meets your eye makes your eyes look instantly bigger. We love Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil in Walk of Shame. This flesh-coloured pencil is perfect to use on the inner rim as it is waterproof and glides on easily.

Luscious lashes are the ultimate finishing touch for an eyes-wide-open makeup look. You can opt for professional extensions, or use these eye makeup tips:


9. Curl your eyelashes

Curled eyelashes give your eyes an immediate lift. Use an eyelash curler and then apply mascara for maximum effect.


10. Mascara for length and volume

We recommend NYX Professional Makeup Super Luscious Mascara XXL. This gives your lashes incredible volume while nourishing with keratins, collagens, vitamins and natural waxes.

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