Perfecting your own makeup for your wedding day? Here's what to keep in mind

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  • Thursday, January 17, 2019
Perfecting your own makeup for your wedding day? Here's what to keep in mind
Perfecting your own makeup for your wedding day? Here's what to keep in mind

We love that you’re channelling a certain British Princess and doing your own thing for your wedding day. After all, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to rely on a stranger to perfect your makeup look. Having said that, before you put that kind of pressure on yourself, there’s a lot to consider beforehand. So, we’ve got just what you need to prep correctly, and to achieve a look fit for, well - a bride.


Practice Makes Perfect

If you are going to tackle your makeup, don’t leave it until the day of your actual wedding. You’ll need to practice well in advance to know what you’re in for, and how to confidently perfect the look when the time comes.




Say Yes to Facials

Flawless, glowing skin, free of imperfections, is first prize for your wedding day. Regular facials are great for the overall health and wellness of your skin, and of course, allow for the removal of unwanted blackheads, pores and pimples. Plus, they’re super soothing – just what you need to calm those nerves.




Primer makes Perfect

Primer is the perfect canvas on which to apply your makeup. It effectively hides any enlarged pores, fine lines and redness and instead promotes a perfectly smooth complexion. Apply after your moisturiser and before your foundation for an illuminating look that eliminates shine.




Wasted in White

Many brides and makeup enthusiasts alike turn to white finishing powder to achieve an alluring glow. What often results is more of a ghostly look that’s unfortunately only visible in photographs. So, to avoid spooking anyone out, we suggest staying away from it completely. Use a quality highlighter for a dreamy shimmer instead. We love the vegan Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body.




Opt for Waterproof

There are those of us who cry at the sight of a cute puppy. Even those with hearts of stone are sure to shed a tear on their wedding day. Either way, waterproof mascara like volumising L'Oréal Paris Paradise Waterproof Mascara is key to ensuring your makeup stays put when the waterworks start.




Layered Makeup

Contrary to what you’ve been taught your whole life, your wedding is one occasion where you’ll need to wear more makeup than you’re used to. Now, that doesn’t mean we want you to be unrecognisable, rather wear enough of every product so that it’s sure to show up in your photographs



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