Picking your ideal under-eye concealer shade

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  • Thursday, December 20, 2018
Picking your ideal under-eye concealer shade
Picking your ideal under-eye concealer shade

Ladies, we’ve all been there - when the bags under your eyes look a little more ‘China town’ than designer luggage. If you find yourself reaching for a full-coverage concealer that’s just not doing the trick to cover up unwanted dark circles (goodbye tired eyes!), there’s a chance you could be using the wrong shade for your skin tone.


How to dominate your colour matching

A common misconception when it comes to masking dark circles is that under-eye concealer and face concealers should be used interchangeably. When in fact, you sometimes need more than one concealer for the fresh-faced look you’re after.

Under-eye concealer typically needs to cover up dark pigments such as purple – therefore the best coverage under-eye concealer for dark circles should have a peach or orange undertone for lighter skinned ladies. For darker toned ladies, go for concealers with a darker, reddish shade to counter-balance darkness under the eye.

But the real trick lies in colour matching your under-eye concealer with a very specific area of the face…


The inverted under-eye triangle

For the best high-coverage concealer to match your skin tone, you’ll need to find the perfect shade according to a specific area of your face. This spot is found between the nose and the blushing apple of your cheek and is called the inverted under-eye triangle.   

By using a concealer that perfectly matches this area of skin on your face, you’ll be able to successfully eliminate those dark circles as well as any pesky pale rims around your eyes. The reasoning behind this is because the inverted under-eye area of your face is the least prone to redness or darkened pigmentation, unlike the skin directly under the eye. This makes it the most neutral-toned area of your face, which allows you to pick the best full-coverage under-eye concealer shade that isn’t too pink, orange, red or pale.


Perfect your application

For a seamless application of your under-eye concealer, we recommend prepping the area beforehand with either a moisturiser or primer. This step adds moisture to the delicate area underneath your eye, allowing your concealer to glide onto the skin, blend and set beautifully.

While applying your foundation, make sure not to apply too much to the under-eye area. Then touch up with your concealer of choice. We recommend either the NYX Professional Makeup Dark Circle Concealer  or Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Dark Circles Concealer.

Be sure to apply your concealer in the shape of an inverted (upside down) triangle under the eye, with streaks that extend no further than the tip of your nose. Blend out your concealer with a dampened beauty blender or concealer brush for a seamless finish. Finally, set your concealer with a loose translucent powder to ensure it doesn’t budge all day. 

Keep in mind that under-eye concealer and face concealer are two different things and are therefore used for two different applications. But if you find that mixing these two colours brings you the perfect shade to cover up those dark circles – then you do you, boo!

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