Pros and cons of using kohl and kajal

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Pros and cons of using kohl and kajal
Pros and cons of using kohl and kajal

Kohl and kajal are types of eyeliners that provide the strongest and darkest colour around your eyes, creating a naturally smoky look and variety of unique eyeliner patterns. They’ve been used for generations too, but what else do we need to know about them today? Also, which is better – kohl vs kajal? We’ve only heard fantastic things about both types of eye makeup lately, so let’s put them to the test.  



These are powder-based eyeliners made from pigments and waxes, just like your everyday pencil, only they’re made from all-natural ingredients. They also last longer than conventional eye pencils.  

The good: The pigments and powders used to make kohl are extracted from natural ingredients, so it’s gentler on the eye. Its creamy texture allows it to glide effortlessly around the delicate eye area for a perfect application, or a fierce cat-eye flick.

The bad: Kohl is usually not as black as we’re led to believe. It’s more of a gunmetal-grey – not quite the darkest shade in the spectrum. Also, it can get quite smudgy when misapplied.



Kajal is made using natural ingredients mixed with soot, so it’s friendlier to your eye than your typical pencil. It’s one of the oldest forms of cosmetics and has been used by women in India, the Middle East and North Africa for ages. For instance, kajal defined the classic thick eyeliner beauty of Egyptian royals in ancient times.


The good: Kajal provides deep, intensely dark colour and gives instant smoky eyes because of its ability to blend smoothly. It can also be applied closer to the eye without causing irritation, as the natural ingredients are free of chemicals.  

The bad: The difficult application makes kajal better suited for skilled users. Also, the smooth glide-on texture is very movable, so it’s quite infamous for smudging and giving people unflattering raccoon eyes after a long day. 


They may have different qualities, but kohl and kajal are pretty much the all-stars of deeper and darker eyeliner colour. The biggest drawback of both is smudging, which might require some practice to prevent. This also makes them unsuitable for creating precision lines that are needed for a lot of eye makeup trends, like the winged eye.


Thanks to modern technology, though, products like NYX Professional Makeup Two Timer Kohl Pencil have been made smudge-proof to make up for their main shortfall. There are no better pencils to create the traditional double-lined eye makeup look that channels your inner Cleopatra.


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