Pull Off the Dotted Eyeliner Look

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  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Pull Off the Dotted Eyeliner Look
Pull Off the Dotted Eyeliner Look
Lower lashes are our new favourite area to decorate. From the runways to Instagram, under-eye liner has evolved from horizontal stripes to dots. Whether polka, stippled or the classic single, we’re going dot crazy. It’s the best alternative to the commitment phobe’s fear of eyelash extensions. Here’s how to get the look: 

What you’ll need: 

A fine-tipped liquid eyeliner, like intense L’Oréal Paris Superliner Tattoo Signature eyeliner.

The Single Dot
This is a combination of winged eyeliner and a single thick dot under your lower lash line. Draw a line with your liquid eyeliner, starting from your inner eye, along your top lash line and ending with a wing at your outer corner. Thicken the line from the tip of the wing down your eye crease to your tear duct, and colour in. Now that your wing is complete, take the tip of the eyeliner and press it carefully under your eye for the all-important dot.  

Multiple Dots

This is the next-level version of the single dot. Once your winged eyeliner is complete, create dots all along your lower lash line with the liquid liner, leaving regular-spaced intervals between the dots. Keep the dots consistent in the same line, and as close to the lash line as you can without poking your eye. You can mix it up by changing eyeliner colours for each dot. 

Polka Dots

It’s like a carnival on your eyes thanks to its strong confetti impersonation. This is a more precise version of the multiple dots style. Be warned: this one is a time muncher, especially if you’re using a variety of colours. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, press the eyeliner for two seconds to make a single dot. Then, moving across your lash line and up over the crease, make dots until you reach the inner corner of your eye. 

Stippled Dots

A perfect mixture of winged eye and polka! Start by drawing a solid line from the tear duct of your upper lash line to the middle of your lash line. Next, gently press tiny dots very close to each other (stippling) until you reach the other corner and complete the winged eye flick.   

There are an infinite number of colour combinations, patterns and sizes you can experiment with above, below or around your eyes. Play by using different coloured liners and widths for the dots. And don’t forget to be gentle as you’re applying pressure to your eyes, because you don’t want to poke or irritate them


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