Reapplying sunscreen on top of makeup: Is it even possible?

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  • Friday, December 21, 2018
Reapplying sunscreen on top of makeup: Is it even possible?
Reapplying sunscreen on top of makeup: Is it even possible?

If you’ve already read our piece on the art of layering sunscreen underneath makeup, you know just how important it is to wear a separate sun protection product every single day (no, that measly SPF 10 in your foundation won’t cut it). But that’s before you’ve spent ages perfecting your face into a masterpiece. So, how do you go about reapplying your sunscreen without ruining your makeup? Read on to find out.


Stick to the same formulas

If you’ve used a cream or liquid-based sunscreen, opt for a cream or liquid foundation – the same applies for powder formulas. Playing scientist and mixing different concoctions will only wreak havoc on your makeup, trust us! If you have good skin and don’t need a lot of coverage, try a tinted sunscreen, or if your skin needs a little more work, mix a few drops of your foundation into your sunscreen when it’s time to reapply.


Spray away!

For makeup-friendly reapplication on the go, why not try a sunscreen spray or an SPF-loaded setting spray? Make sure that these are specifically formulated for the face, which stated somewhere on the label, so that you don’t end up clogging your pores or stinging your sensitive skin. The best part about spray formulas? You can pop one in your handbag or beach bag to easily reapply as often as needed. The key here is to blend, blend, blend over your face and neck to ensure that your skin is adequately protected. You can then follow with any makeup you feel needs touching up too. While Urban Decay’s All Nighter Pollution Protection Makeup Setting Spray doesn’t contain SPF, it does contain minerals that shield against environmental damage for the perfect finishing touch to your protected and perfected look.

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