Say hello to Duckie Thot: 10 fun facts about L'Oréal Paris’s global ambassador

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  • Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Say hello to Duckie Thot: 10 fun facts about L'Oréal Paris’s global ambassador
Say hello to Duckie Thot: 10 fun facts about L'Oréal Paris’s global ambassador

It’s a match made in heaven – a brand that motivates women of all colours, shapes and sizes to believe in their own beauty, and a model who isn’t afraid to speak out and advocates for diversity and self-love. We sat down with L'Oréal Paris global ambassador Duckie Thot to get the 411.


Fun fact #1: Her real name

Nyadak Thot


Fun fact #2: Her ethnicity

Born in Melbourne to Sudanese parents, who had escaped the country’s civil war, Duckie’s self-identity is rooted in this Sudan-to-Australia success story. She then moved to New York to purse modelling and it was her glowing beauty and fresh energy that won the heart of the industry in just five short years.


Fun fact #3: How she feels about the brand

“I’m honored to represent L’Oréal Paris, a brand that celebrates infinite ways to be beautiful and makes products for all women. I’m looking forward to helping more girls love the beauty of their dark skin. In my mind, I’m going back in time and telling the young girl I was: ‘Dream big, work hard and trust in yourself girl because one day you’re going to say ‘yes’ to the N°1 beauty brand!”


Fun fact #4: Her top beauty secret

“STAY HYDRATED! I can’t stress it enough!”


Fun fact #5: Her L'Oréal Paris can’t-live-without products

“They are all great, but I completely fell in love with Signature Sensuous Lips Rouge when I first tried it. It’s a unique ink lipstick with powerful, great colours that won’t dry out your lips! I would add L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara for a perfect look. When I feel like playing, Colorista is a must-have to change my hair colour depending on my mood and style of the day.”


Fun fact #6: Her ultimate guilty pleasure

“CROISSANTS! Coming back from a 5-mile run in the morning and having the fresh croissants from my favourite local coffee shop. It takes me back to Paris!”


Fun fact #7: Her skincare routine for an even complexion

“I scrub and exfoliate every morning and use night creams in the evening. I also try make time for facials on a regular basis.”


Fun fact #8: Her main secret to feeling beautiful

“To embrace yourself. We’re all different in our own unique ways so it’s about finding love within your complete self, just as you are!”


Fun fact #9: Her thoughts on cosmetics

“We’re blessed to be able to beautify ourselves as little or as much as we please. Everyone has their own thoughts about cosmetics and I think it’s a free space to explore.


Fun fact #10: Her advice for women all over the world

“Love yourself more and more every day.”


We can’t wait to see what this powerful collaboration has in store for the beauty world!

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