Setting spray is the latest must have product for your makeup kit

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  • Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Setting spray is the latest must have product for your makeup kit
Setting spray is the latest must have product for your makeup kit

Ever wonder how live performers keep their makeup on under all those lights for hours? Enter setting sprays, the makeup mist applied as the final product during the makeup routine. They perfectly freeze all your hard work in place, while keeping things light and breathable for your skin. For all the good they do, many makeup users still underestimate the usefulness of these mist sprays. Here are just some of the reasons why you need setting spray in your beauty routine, and a few of our favourite spritzes for good measure!




The reason why setting spray was invented in the first place is to keep your makeup in place. Much like hairspray is to hair styling, quality setting sprays, like Maybelline Superstay 24H Setting Spray, prevent creasing and sliding when you sweat. It acts like a grip by firming your makeup and locking it in place.




Reapplying makeup is a notorious pet peeve for makeup mavens. Nobody has the time to redo a multilayered complex smoky eye if it starts to fade after a few hours. Setting spray, such as Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, stops your makeup from smearing or fading for up to 16 hours.  




Oily skin on a hot day can give that unflattering shiny look to your makeup. Thankfully, there’s NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray Matte to take the shine away. On the other side of the spectrum, a cold day paired with matte products can leave makeup feathering and looking dull and dry. In that case you can turn to NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray Dewy for some natural shine. Choosing the right setting spray can change the finish of your makeup at the drop of a hat, depending on what your fix needs to be. 


Cooling off


When makeup feels dry, tight and uncomfortable after you’ve worn your look for hours outside or in a club, setting sprays cool your face down. Urban Decay Chill Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray has a temperature control formula to relieve and cool your face when things get hot and sweaty.


There is no excuse to keep reapplying makeup anymore. One application, a little spritzing, and you’re all “set”. Your makeup kit and routine are incomplete without ending off with one of these essential setting sprays, so pick one up next time you’re at the makeup counter.


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