Shining a spotlight on the glass skin phenomenon

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  • Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Shining a spotlight on the glass skin phenomenon
Shining a spotlight on the glass skin phenomenon

2018’s latest makeup trends from the East include everything from gradient lips and mochi skin to lipstick powder, honey skin, aegyo sal makeup and even the all-new “glass skin” look. Yes, you heard us correctly, glass skin is the latest K Beauty trend to get the internet in a tizzy. What do we mean when we say K Beauty? Essentially, K Beauty is an umbrella term referring to the numerous, and often somewhat out-there, skincare and makeup trends coming out of South Korea. Glass skin refers to an approach to beauty where the goal is to make skin look poreless, smooth and reflective – like a perfect pane of glass.

That doesn’t mean layering on pounds of foundation; you want your face to look lit from the inside out. The first step to achieving the glass skin look is a solid skincare routine, because your skin needs to appear flawless, glossy and hydrated. This said, you can also create, or enhance, the look with certain cosmetics such as primer, highlighter and an ultra-lightweight illuminating foundation.




Once your skin is sufficiently hydrated, it’s time to apply primer. In K-Beauty, it’s all about the canvas, meaning a clear and poreless-looking skin is an absolute must. Aside from following a strict skincare routine, you should consider adding a quality primer to your makeup mix. Give your skin the impression of a hydrated glassy appearance with Maybelline’s Hydrate + Smooth Facestudio® Master Prime®, which ought to be applied before foundation. To use, we recommend massaging the primer a little between your palms and patting it gently onto your skin.


Lightweight Illuminating Foundation


If you can’t live without your foundation but want to embrace the glass skin makeup trend, you’ll want to get your hands on a lightweight illuminating foundation like Maybelline Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation. It offers even coverage and can give you the ethereal sheen you’re after.




Give your skin an extra dose of dewiness by applying highlighter under your eyebrow arches, in addition to the inner corners of your eyes and cheek bones. Doing so allows light to bounce off the skin and bolsters the glass skin effect. We recommend Bright Idea Illuminating Stick from NYX Professional Makeup, which comes in a range of colours including a luscious Topaz Tan (a stunning chocolate brown with subtle shimmer).

Remember, K Beauty makeup trends like glass skin depend on your skin’s level of hydration. So, before you apply any cosmetic to your face, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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