Smoky Eyes: how to create the sexiest look in beauty

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  • Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Smoky Eyes: how to create the sexiest look in beauty
Smoky Eyes: how to create the sexiest look in beauty

The classic smoky eye is undoubtedly the sexiest makeup look out there, with the power to change your demeanor and bring out your daring side. Luckily, smoky eyes are making a comeback this summer thanks to its increasing acceptance as a daytime look. The look has always been versatile – it can be light and subtle for the day, and vamped up into dark and heavy in the evening when you’re getting ready for a night on the town. But don’t go too overboard during application – you don’t want to end up with the infamous raccoon eyes. Here’s how to make sure you boast a subtle smolder instead:


Step 1: Eyeshadow primer


First things first, prepare your eyes with a primer. Don’t be tempted to skip this vital step, as primer is important to keep your shadow from sitting in the crease of your eyelid. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion will ensure your eyeshadow lasts longer. Nobody wants to see eyeshadow dust particles over your flawless foundation face, or worse – staining and irritating your actual eye. Apply the eyeshadow primer by squeezing some onto the tip of your finger and smoothing it over your eye crease, beginning at the corner of your lash line, and ending at your brow bone.


Step 2: Eyeliner


Choose a powder-based eyeliner pencil over the lovely liquids, as pencil colours can move and blend, whereas liquid liner dries on your eyeline and the colour becomes static. Keep your eyeshadow colours in mind when choosing your eyeliner, and match the colours as closely as you can for a seamless look. If all else fails, stick to the basics of blacks and browns that won’t compete with your eyeshadow colours. Start by applying the eyeliner pencil on your bottom lash line. Start at your tear duct and swipe across to the corner of your eye, and back again until you get the most of the colour. Then do the same to the upper lash line, from the tear duct across to the corner. Keep your lines thick for the night and light for the day.


Step 3: Eyeshadow


Now for the fun stuff – choosing your eyeshadow colours! The perfect all-kill smoky eye consists of three shadows – light, medium, and the most popular dark colour, black. A good tip is to choose colours that suit your skin tone and eye colour. Try shades of purple for blue eyes and, blue hues for brown eyes. To apply, use an eyeshadow brush to dot the lightest shade on the tear duct and sweep over the brow bone. Next, move to the medium shade by using an angle brush and applying it to the corner of your eye. Brush up and right across above the eye crease in a semi-circular motion. Then apply the darker shade over the entire eye crease with the eyeshadow brush.


Step 4: Mascara


You want to complete this look by bringing out your banging lashes, as they add drama and definition to the smoky eye. Start by looking face down. Brush your lashes in a zigzag motion and swipe up several times. Then, still looking down, brush down in a circular motion to get mascara on the back of the lashes. If you’re nervous about keeping your eye open when applying mascara, you can use the blink method by keeping your mascara wand under your lashes and just blink, blink, blink. If you’re going for strong and bold, apply Lancôme Hypnôse Volume-À-Porter Mascara to thicken your lashes and pull your eyes open, making them look bigger. Right now, you should be a quarter past obsessed with your eyes because you’re nearly at home base.


Step 5: Blending

Blend! Blend! Blend! It’s the most important step in creating the smoky effect. Use your eyeshadow brush on your entire eyelid, then move down to smooth the lines on your lower eyelid. Take your time with this process, and don’t rush it or smudge either. Keep the colours confined to your eyelid area. You’ve achieved a perfect blend when the eyeshadow is smooth, the colours are mixed evenly, each colour has a clean, flawless finish, and there is no dusty powder clinging to your lashes or falling onto your face. Congrats! You’ve now got eyes to kill.  

Smoky eyes are the ultimate guilty pleasure, guaranteed to bring out your inner bad girl. Subtlety is key, though. Enjoy your night out! 

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