Soften your kiss with gorgeous exfoliated lips

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  • Thursday, October 11, 2018
Soften your kiss with gorgeous exfoliated lips
Soften your kiss with gorgeous exfoliated lips
Keeping a pout healthy with regular moisturisation is one thing, but what about exfoliation? This part of a care routine is overlooked by many, meaning that lips inevitably become damaged and dry. This results in a rough base that can ruin the perfect lipstick application, and an otherwise impeccable makeup look. 

In fact, ignore exfoliation, and there’s little point in even trying to moisturise. Why bother, when your choice of balm will need to battle through a flaky, uneven layer of dead cells to reach the skin beneath to provide much-needed hydration? 

If you find that you’re struggling to perfect your pout, chances are you need a good lip scrub in your life. But what should you look for? And how do you apply it?

Sugar scrubs for the win! Not only can they be used on your lips, but they have a gentle exfoliating effect elsewhere too. Simply apply the scrub formulation onto your pursed lips, rub around with your fingers to exfoliate, and then gently wipe clean with a tissue or soft towel. Follow this with an application of your favourite balm and/or primer, followed by your best lipstick brand, and you’re good to go! Look out for scrub variants that come with a mineral boost, and try out the different scents to find one that’s absolutely delectable.

Remember, if you work regular exfoliation into your life, combined with lip moisturisation, you can kiss dry, flaky lips goodbye. Throw in an application of something gorgeous, like nude matte lipstick, and your pout will be simply irresistible! 

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