Stunning, not sweaty! how to look fresh and cool even mid heatwave

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  • Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Stunning, not sweaty! how to look fresh and cool even mid heatwave
Stunning, not sweaty! how to look fresh and cool even mid heatwave

Summer. It’s the enemy of makeup longevity. Everything, from application to storage and even simply making it last throughout the day, becomes more complex when it’s warm. Throw a heatwave into the mix, and it isn’t long before makeup starts to feel like melting ice cream on your face. At this point, your skin just wants to breathe, and couldn’t care less about maintaining your fab look. To combat this, you need to show mercy to your pores and apply makeup that can take the heat. Here are some tips to keep you cool through those stifling days.


Go oil-free


Oil-free products are your friends during molten days, especially on naturally oily skin. They’re the difference between your face feeling sticky and gross when you sweat, or staying cool and hydrated. If you can’t go without your everyday trusted oil-based products, then use pulling wipes like NYX Fresh Face Blotting Paper to get rid of excess oil from your face beforehand.


Go Waterproof


The best defence against direct slippage is using waterproof products, especially around your eye, where things can get real messy. If you’re going to use a mascara during those heated days, then Lancôme Hypnose Waterproof Custom Volume Mascara will keep it firmly locked to your lashes, so you won’t have to worry about smudging.


Start with primer


Primers are the hooks that keep your makeup from sliding down the cliff. They provide a stronger stick when you’re sweating and need your look to last a little longer. Apply the primer to your eyelids if you’re wearing eyeshadow, or to your full face before using a lightweight liquid foundation.


Keep it light


The most critical makeup advice for summer is to use less. Instead of layering on products, dab or pat the products you use onto your face before blending into your skin. An underrated method to keep things light is the stippling method, where you dip your brush in liquid foundation and dot it onto your face, instead of performing the usual painting routine.


Forget the shiners


Yes, all the shiners, including lip glosses, shimmery powders, and dewy highlighters, because you’re aiming for a matted finish. Keep them stashed away for cooler days because intense heat already gives you more than enough lustre. If you’re addicted to extra shine because of your dry skin, go for satin-finish products that glow rather than dazzle.


Setting spray


You want to keep your makeup completely still, so use a setting spray like Urban Decay Cooling and Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray with its temperature control formula to cool your face and get your makeup to settle. Setting sprays are misty and light enough to keep everything in place without adding weight, and are the perfect way to make your makeup last throughout the day. 

Heatwaves can be devastating to your makeup goals, but don’t let the heat slow you down. If you remember to keep your makeup light and breathable, you can get through any hot day and still look as cool as a cucumber. Don’t forget to add SPF 30 before applying makeup, or use products with sunscreen added for extra protection against the sun. Stay cool!


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