The 4 best techniques to apply mascara

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  • Tuesday, August 21, 2018
The 4 best techniques to apply mascara
The 4 best techniques to apply mascara

Stop what you’re doing. If you’re one of those girls still swiping up with the applicator horizontal, your technique needs an upgrade. Getting just the right amount of mascara to coat each lash perfectly is a science and an art that will make all the difference to your eye game. That volumising mascara wants to give you dramatic long lashes but it needs your help in the delivery of its powerful formula. Try these techniques:


The superior way to get mascara to the roots of your lashes, it also takes away the danger of pressing your mascara wand too close your eye. Hold the wand so that the tip is pointing to your top eyelashes and stroke up and down to get both the bottom and top lash lines at the same time.


Swiping mascara up doesn’t deposit an even amount of pigment onto your lashes, so a far better technique is to tackle it in sections. Focus on ensuring a proper coating of the usually neglected areas. Begin underneath your brow bone, mid lash line. Hold the applicator upside down (handle-up), and swipe upward with a wiggle to coat the hairs evenly. For the bottom lash, begin at the very corner lashes. Hold the applicator at a 45-degree angle and swipe across and upwards.

Bottom Right

Begin at the tear duct and hold the applicator parallel to the lash line. Swipe the lashes in a down-and-across motion, so each flick covers the lash as you move across. This will ensure even the finest, shortest, hardest-to-reach lashes are covered.

Wiggle Up and Curl Down

Many forget to apply mascara behind the lashes, making the colour uneven and one-dimensional. For an even coating of colour, hold the applicator horizontally and stroke from right to left in a zigzag pattern. Move confidently upwards while you wiggle to get mascara in between each lash. Once you’re happy with the coating, look down and curl the applicator up and around the back of your lashes.

When it comes to mascara, practice, practice and more practice is the key. Don’t get flustered if you don’t get it right the first time – applying mascara takes even the best of us ages to master. It also can’t hurt to have a selection of mascara applicators on hand for your different looks – thin-bristled for precision and thick for a volumised, wide-eyed look.

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