The arch is over - straight boy brows are taking over

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  • Monday, August 27, 2018
The arch is over - straight boy brows are taking over
The arch is over - straight boy brows are taking over

Arched brows have always been the most popular eyebrow shape – a staple for any feminine and classy makeup look. They even inspired the “brows on fleek” movement and a quest for perfectly curved brows embarked on by girls across the world. Not anymore. One of K Beauty’s coolest trends is here to wipe that arch right off our faces. And it’s got us lusting after brows that are short, straight, boxy and a statement on their own. Here’s how to get the look.

What you’ll need:

 • Spoolie brush
 • Eyebrow pencil
 • Eyebrow gel
 • Tweezers

Step 1: Begin with the spoolie brush and comb all the hair upwards to eliminate any shape and arch. This “clearing of the canvas” will help with accuracy when drawing the straight brows. It will also help you create a shorter length and boxier brow. For this precise operation, a good spoolie is essential, so we suggest using the double-ended Maybelline Brow Precise Micro pencil in Deep Brown for its fine-tipped pencil and spoolie brush.

Step 2: Next, use the eyebrow pencil to lightly draw a straight line along the bottom of your eyebrow, beginning from the bridge of your nose and moving across towards the outer corner of your brow. Don’t go the full length of your brow, though – boy brows are shorter, so draw across until you’re about halfway to the end. Repeat along the top of your eyebrow, to the same length. Then start filling in your brows with colour within the straight lines.

Step 3: Now, use the tweezers to pluck out all the hairs that don’t fall into the straight lines. Begin the tweezing at the bridge of your nose and work your way outwards to the brow bone. Keep the tweezing light and minimal to avoid large awkward gaps between hairs.

Step 4: Finally, use the eyebrow gel to set the hairs back in place by brushing them across. Keep your strokes consistent to maintain the straight shape. For better definition, use L'Oréal Paris Makeup Designer Brow Artist Plumper for its natural fibres that fill in patchy brows perfectly.

A pro tip for boy brows is to use a colour that is one shade lighter than your natural eyebrow colour. This keeps things looking natural, and will prevent your quite distinctive new brow shape from becoming too severe. Black eyebrows, therefore, should opt for a dark brown. Keep brows neatly groomed and you’re ready for the world.

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