The best nail designs for 2018

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  • Tuesday, August 21, 2018
The best nail designs for 2018
The best nail designs for 2018

In the year when anything goes, it’s interesting to see how many nail designs are a continuation of hair and makeup trends simply making their way to our fingers. The emphasis this year is on multi-shaded colours and creating gradients. Here are the nail designs we’re loving this year.



Reflective, metallic silver or gold continues our obsession with all things shiny. Choose to go the full length of the nails or just have mirrored tips for a simpler design. This trend looks ultra-sleek on short squoval shaped nails.



The addictive multidimensional makeup trend is irresistible, so naturally it would transition to nails too. Choose to go edgy with darker purple, or sweet and innocent with lighter opal and pearl-coloured holographs.



Cute stickers on bare nails are a subtle yet powerful way to make a statement. From flower prints and geometrics to full-on alphabets in every font imaginable, think of it as the nail design equivalent of a statement Tee.

Cat Eyes


A perfect accompaniment to cat-eye makeup, this trend sees a single glossy colour moving from light to dark along the nail, with a single streak of light reflecting white polish on the nail.



The mermaid trend has descended from hair to makeup and lands squarely on our nails. It’s not just about blue, green and turquoise colours, but the interesting designs and accessories that help create the mermaid effect. Scale and shell motifs, glitter and rhinestones – go wild with a treasure chest of under-the-sea looks.

These trends are versatile enough for any season and any occasion, and are a great way to get artistic and creative as you escape the flat, boring polishes of the past. Don’t forget to apply a top coat to your nails to keep the designs looking fresh.

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