The best nail shapes for summer

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  • Friday, November 16, 2018
The best nail shapes for summer
The best nail shapes for summer

With the advent of the warmer months, you’re probably ready to give your nails a seasonal refresh – and show them off. No more need for gloves and buckets of moisturiser to keep the cold and dryness at bay. But whether you go the manicure route or apply falsies, you should probably consider two things about your nails for this summer: fashion and functionality. Here are your top 5 nail shapes for the season, and the situations they’re best suited for.


Round or Oval

If you lead a busy, hands-on lifestyle, classic round or oval-shaped nails are your best, practical bet. They work for both short and longer nails too. If you think this shape is tired, jazz up your tips with some cheerful seasonal colours or nail art.

The summer months are a time for increased socialising. Getting out and about with square nails will certainly get you noticed, especially if you pair this strongly geometric shape with a bright colour or glitter-infused varnish.



Part square, part oval, squoval nails are fantastic for both work and play. Not only does their durable shape prevent them from snagging and tearing, there’s enough “canvas” for you to play with in terms of showing off your latest nail art masterpiece.


Coffin or Ballerina

Think of coffin (or ballerina) nails as being a lengthier, tapered version of square nails. Again, they’re brilliant for party season, but this standout, high-maintenance shape – a favourite among reality TV stars – is a little harder to work with. Their extended length means they’re usually only achievable with false nails.



Opting for this nail shape is making a statement that you’re already in holiday mode, because the long, pointed tips are notoriously fragile and don’t pair well with most forms of labour. Still, they scream “fierce” if you’re looking to make an unforgettable impression at the end-of-year party.



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