The blotted lip look: The easiest makeup trick you'll love

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  • Monday, November 12, 2018
The blotted lip look: The easiest makeup trick you'll love
The blotted lip look: The easiest makeup trick you'll love

This season’s must-have makeup look is all about lips, and the great news is that perfectly imperfect is the way to go! As seen on the catwalks of all the major fashion houses, smudged lipstick has joined this season’s latest facial makeup trends.


So, say goodbye to perfectly lined, high-maintenance lips that have you fretting and touching up all day. By layering products and blotting with a tissue, you can embrace the new blurred lipstick style. It’s easy to achieve and effortlessly trendy – with a hint of mischief like you’ve just been kissed. 


Prep your lips with lip balm

To get the colour-blur lipstick look, soft and moisturised lips are a must. Our favourite product for this first step is Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm that nourishes your lips for up to eight hours while also providing SPF20 sun protection. This silky base will also ensure that even smudge-proof lipstick blurs a little.


A neutral base colour

The blotted lip look is darker at the centre, fading to a lighter shade at your lip line. Choose a light neutral shade with a hint of colour such as the moisture-rich NYX Professional Makeup Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Cocoa. Apply the colour as normal but don’t be too precise. Use your finger to smudge the lipstick into your lip balm.


Add a red lipstick smudge

Now for a pop of luscious colour. Layer a darker, richer shade over your lips. We recommend the luxurious Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipstick. The trick is to apply the colour to the centre of your lips, without reaching your lip line, and blending with your finger. If you like using a brush, ditch your usual precision lip brush. Instead, use a makeup brush! The NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush Collection Flat Foundation Brush is ideal as it is soft and tapered to colour-blur your lipstick. 


Expert tips and tricks

The last step to achieve the smudged lipstick look is blotting. Place a folded tissue between your lips and press them tightly together. This will blend the colour a little more, and remove excess product so that you’re left with a lip stain rather than solid colour. 


It also helps to know which shades are best for darker skin tones or otherwise. Stocking up on lipstick shades that suit all skin tones is another safe bet, or you can play around with different tones until you find your match. Now all you need is a quick-and-easy hairstyle to complete the look and you’re good to go.



How simple was that? The best thing about this blotted lipstick look is that once you’re done, you don’t have to worry about your lips looking perfect. As you go about your day, the colour will blur more and become less perfect – and that’s exactly what this look is all about.






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