The crystal makeup trend sparkling up the runway

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  • Thursday, October 11, 2018
The crystal makeup trend sparkling up the runway
The crystal makeup trend sparkling up the runway
Just when you thought you could take a break from all things shiny and glittery, the crystal makeup trend began lighting up the world’s trend-setting runways and we’re total for it. We can’t help but get excited that this bedazzling trend is stepping out of high fashion circles and into our event makeup routine. Here’s how you can fill your life with a lot of sparkle. 


Whether you want to enhance your eyeliner, or go full-on solo sparkly, this style has you dotting rhinestones underneath the eye where eyeliner would sit. 

women with very light pink eye shadow

Over brow

This one has been a popular festival makeup trend for years now. Stick rhinestones of medium size above your eyebrows and follow the natural curve shape of your brows. 

light gold eye shadow with star stickers


Big dotted rhinestones scattered across your cheeks are perfect for picking up highlighter colour. A dot on each cheekbone also slims the face and gives the appearance of high cheekbones. 

women with rhine stone stickers


One of the most popular places for this trend is around the lip area. Stick a single big rhinestone on your cupid’s bow, over a dark matte lipstick, or decorate the full lip with sparklies if you want to to live boldly. 

women rhine stones on lips

Winged eyes

Rhinestones have always been a unique way to turn a simple winged eye into a bejewelled ultra-glam look. Small rhinestones are either speckled around the tail of the winged eye, or trail along above the full length of the winged eye – from tear duct to tail.

women rhine stones side eye

There’s no one single way to wear rhinestones on your face and incorporate it into your makeup look. Get creative and decorate with your own unique spiralled and zigzag patterns. 



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