The hottest makeup trends for 2018 A few months in

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  • Wednesday, August 22, 2018
The hottest makeup trends for 2018  A few months in
The hottest makeup trends for 2018  A few months in

As we head further into the year, it’s time to look at how makeup trends change with the seasons. Just when we thought we had our heads around the year’s trends, a whole new evolution is already underway. Here are the upcoming looks we’ve spotted.


The Shining


We meant what we said, the sparkle isn’t going anywhere this year. Expect to find glitter everywhere, from eyeshadow palettes to your favourite highlighters. This time, glitter is turning into golden accents around the eyes too. Liquid metallics continue to be popular, so you can hold onto your velvety eyeshadows and rock star shades of lip glosses.


Big Browsing


Natural-looking brows are turning heads. Short, straight boy brows and thick bushy brows are replacing curved arches with a more natural and androgynous look. Make sure you’ve got a good spoolie brush handy as we go into the latter half of 2018.


Extreme Eyeshadow


Eyeshadow is moving from our eyelids to our temples. The area surrounding the eyebrows and eyes will be the new canvas for that shadow you love so much. Be prepared for baby blues and dusty pinks in easy-to-blend matte liquids


Bared Faced, Red Lips


Inspired by K Beauty trends, this serious and severe look is here to tame the girly glitter looks that dominate this year. A full, dark red lip (or a subtle gradient or ombre look) is paired with a bare and natural face for a no-makeup, no-nonsense look.


Wild Eyes


Eye makeup is the year’s Area 51 of experimentation. Bold, daring, whimsical and downright scary, we’ve seen it all this year. Think Glittery eyes and long tinsel lashes, crazy brows, artistic effects and unusual eyeshadow colours.

Nobody can predict how long these trends will last but our advice is to just jump in. Try them out and see how far you can take it; after all, 2018 has been dubbed the year anything goes in makeup.


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