The top 5 foundations for darker skin

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  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018
The top 5 foundations for darker skin
The top 5 foundations for darker skin
Makeup inclusivity has been one of the most important changes to emerge from the beauty industry. The unflattering and unnatural skin colours that darker-skinned beauties were long subjected to are now a thing of the past. Thank goodness. We’ve been asking for years, and makeup manufacturers are finally rising to the challenge! Here are our top five foundations for dark skin. 

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless Foundation

Covering a full 40 shades on the spectrum, we love this liquid foundation for its light consistency and ability to minimise pores. Its range of browns, from Warm Honey to Deep Bronze and Espresso, is sure to contain the perfect hue for you, no matter your particular skin tone. 

Maybelline Fit me

This foundation with a buttery, soft consistency excels in long-wear and at covering imperfections. From redness to rashes and dark spots, this foundation leaves skin looking velvety-smooth and even-toned. The darkest colour is 560 Suede C, perfect for very dark-skinned girls who struggle to find the right hue to match their tone. 

liquid foundation

L'Oréal True Match Super Blendable Foundation

Hailed on social media as a fan favourite, this range is now considered a classic product for brown skin. It comes in a jaw-dropping 45 different shades, and what’s more, every shade is available in warm or cool tones – identified by the yellow or blue strip on the package. How’s that for variety?


Loreal true match


Urban Decay Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

When you want to celebrate and show off your dark skin, this is the go-to foundation. Coming in 26 glorious shades that accentuate natural skin colour, it’s a must-have for no-makeup makeup and minimalistic beauty lovers. Try the shades ranging from no. 8 to 13 for their beautifully curated browns (ending in a dark and luscious mahogany) to suit every girl, no matter where on the spectrum you may lie.


Urban Decay naked skin liquid makeup


NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation


Thirty shades of liquid foundation ensure that dark-skinned girls are not left behind. The beauty of this foundation is in the glass drop applicator – the magic wand that puts you in control of the amount of foundation you need. It perfectly accommodates dark beauties, whether you’re going for minimal coverage or full-face magic. 


NYX total drop foundation

Our number one tip with foundation is to make sure the colour looks natural and completely disappears into the skin. Choose whatever finish works for your skin type but don’t compromise on natural-looking colour. And don’t forget: when in doubt, the staff at your local makeup counter are your personal stylists, too! They have the training to help you find the perfect hue in minutes, so make sure you ask for their advice before deciding on your purchase.


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