The weird and wonderful ways to find the right nude for you

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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018
The weird and wonderful ways to find the right nude for you
The weird and wonderful ways to find the right nude for you

Whether you’re aiming for a shade or two lighter than your own skin tone, or matching colours up with your, erm,features down south, there are many ways to find a nude lippie that suits you. We’re exploring both the common and unconventional ways women nowadays are going about choosing the right nude lipstick shades.

Unearthing your Undertones

A good place to start when choosing a nude lipstick shade is with your undertones. Pale skin means cooler tinges, like pink, red or blue. Darker skins on the other hand, can expect warmer undertones, like yellow, peach or gold. And those in-between? They boast a mix of both cool and warm tinges. When choosing a nude lippie, opt then for a colour that matches your undertones best. Those with cool tones for example, will look good in nudes with a pink tint, while darker skin tones should opt for shades that have a peachy hue to them.

Hands on Approach

A fail-safe way to determine the right shade is to sample your chosen lipstick on the back of your hand. This method is particularly useful when in-store, where sampling the product on your lips is just down right unhygienic. Using lipstick on the back of your hand also helps you get an idea of what the shade will look like on your skin, all the while allowing you to test things like consistency, and whether or not your chosen product is prone to smudging.

Repurpose your Pout

Another pretty nifty method to live by is matching your nude lipstick to the outer edge of your lips. Grab a mirror and have a peek – you’ll notice that the lining of your pout is a slightly different hue to the rest of your lips. Choosing a shade that best suits the colour on the outer edge of your kisser is a good way to ensure you’ve chosen a lippie suited perfectly to you.

Venture down South

Believe it or not, when deciding on a nude lipstick that best complements their skin tone, some women look for one that matches the colour of their nipples. Yip, you read right - your nipples, not your areolas. You’ll find that they’re a good representation of your undertones, so matching a shade to them actually makes a while lot of sense! Before you whip those bad boys out at the beauty counter however, we suggest rather taking a sneaky picture that you can refer back to, that is, if your memory doesn’t serve you well enough.

No matter your preferred method, now there’s no excuse for botching up your lippie shade! We recommend paying the Urban Decay Boutique Makeup store a visit, where you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the best nude lipsticks.

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