There's gold and then there's GOLD. Would you give gold-leaf eyelids a try?

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  • Friday, November 16, 2018
There's gold and then there's GOLD. Would you give gold-leaf eyelids a try?
There's gold and then there's GOLD. Would you give gold-leaf eyelids a try?

Platinum hair? Check. Shimmery bronzers? Check. Glitters and crystals? Check. Eyeshadows that glow like crushed diamonds? Check. It seems the world has gone mad for all that glitters! Metallics are all the rage, with makeup manufacturers working feverishly to develop products that sparkle brighter than anyone had previously thought possible.


But what if we told you there’s an age-old product that can outperform even the brightest gold eyeshadows when drama and glitz are the order of the day? Ditch the powders and give gold leaf (or gold foil) a try… if you dare.


So, just what is gold leaf?

Simple. Gold leaf, also known as gold foil, is a sheet of pure gold that has been hammered and rolled out so thinly that it’s practically weightless. You could hold several sheets in the palm of your hand and not even know they’re there. It’s inexpensive and non-toxic, frequently used to decorate foods and fancy drinks, and to add a touch of splendor in many décor applications. It shines like a perfectly polished gold bar, better than any eyeshadow on the market today, and is a perfect technique to try when you need to add some seriously regal drama to your makeup look.


Why not take a dive into the world of gold leaf with this easy and striking gold eyelids tutorial?


Step 1:

Get to your local arts and crafts or specialty cake decorating store and pick up a few sheets of gold foil. Go for real gold and make sure you check the pack to see whether it’s self-adhesive or not. If it isn’t, you might need a makeup adhesive of some kind to stop your handiwork blowing away in the wind! A gentle adhesive made for makeup, like NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer, is perfect for this look


Step 2:

Decide how dramatic you want to go. For a Cleopatra-worthy gilded eyelid, use scissors to cut out ovals to around the same size as your eyelid, or go with gold specks instead by chopping your sheets into little pieces.


Step 3:

Carefully, with your fingers or a pair of tweezers, apply the gold leaf gently to the eyelid and press down ever so slightly to secure it in place. Don’t forget the adhesive if your foil isn’t self-adhesive! Once it’s perfectly placed, bring out that polished shine by gently sweeping over the gold with a dry makeup brush.


And those are the basics of it! Pretty easy, huh? You can add even more drama to this look by starting off with a wicked winged-eyeliner effect, not to mention mixing and matching with the addition of eyeshadows in bronzes and browns. Just don’t forget to fill your brows to perfection to help balance out the drama happening on your eyelids.

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