These are makeup essentials not extras

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  • Tuesday, October 9, 2018
These are makeup essentials not extras
These are makeup essentials not extras
If you think your makeup bag is complete with just foundation, a mascara and lipstick – think again. Home beauty has extended to products that were once only available to professionals, but are now accessible to everyday makeup users. Watch how they enhance the properties of your well-loved products and take your face-game to a whole new level! Here are some of our top product-picks to add to your everyday makeup list.  


Does your eyeshadow have a heavy fallout? Does your foundation starts to cake after a few hours? The key to stopping this is using a great primer, like Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer. Face primers are the first step before applying makeup – they prepare your skin to hold the upcoming makeup products by smoothing lines and creating an even surface for your handiwork to adhere to.

urban decay complexion primer

Translucent powder

These clear powders are designed as a final fix-up if there are any impurities still visible after your makeup routine. Selfie queens will love Maybelline Master Fix Loose Powder, as it will blur out imperfections and prevent stubborn pores and lines from showing up in photos – even under very bright lighting.

setting perfecting loose powder

Setting spray

If reapplication of makeup every couple of hours is your pet peeve, then setting spray is the new must-have to save your time. Mist sprays like NYX Setting Spray in both Matte and Dewy specialise in long wear makeup, holding every particle in place when applied as the final step. 

nyx dewy finnish

Colour correctors

If you thought your skin-coloured concealer could do the whole job of covering up discolouration, you’re mistaken. A little-known fact is that colour correcting is a vital step that should be done before concealer is applied. This is because concealers in a single, flat colour can’t effectively cover up every type of discolouration alone. Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen comes in all colours to make short work of those dark circles, those stubborn red patches, and any other colour-related imperfections you might have.

master camo lip gloss

These are the new and updated daily must-have beauty products, and they’re now just as necessary as mascara and foundation to your makeup routine. Look out for them at your nearest beauty counters and online, and get ready for your new phase of facial-perfection! 


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