This alternative lippie look deserves a double take

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  • Tuesday, March 19, 2019
This alternative lippie look deserves a double take
This alternative lippie look deserves a double take

Let’s be honest, we’re exposed to a myriad of new makeup trends on the runway, and the ‘Gram on the daily. So, we’ve kind of lost sight of what’s new, and what’s not. Despite this – every now and then we reconnect with one such trend and reminisce about why we love it. Two-toned lips is one such trend. While it’s not exactly new to the makeup scene, we don’t feel it received enough attention in its day so have decided to revisit it. Here’s what it is, and why we love it!


What is it?

This trend pretty much explains itself and involves applying one lippie colour to your top lip, and another to your bottom one. The key here is to choose colours that complement one another. Now that’s not to say you have to stick to two red shades, although that works too, but rather vibrant colours that work well to make a statement.


The benefits

Believe it or not, applying two different shades can actually create the illusion of bigger lips. This is because the distinction of the two colours draws attention to both your top, and bottom lip, accentuating both by default. Another advantage is the ease of application. Unlike other makeup trends that require a steady hand and sometimes a degree in Fine Arts, this look requires little experience and even less effort. Plus, you can switch things up on a daily basis meaning you’ll never run out of ideas.


Colour choices

While we’ve got your attention, we thought we’d share our favourite combo of the month – pink and orange. No matter the season – this mix is sure to blend in beautifully, with each other, and the weather. Try Urban Decay Mega Matte Vice Lipstick in Alpha for your top lip and in Crash for the other. You’ll find that the colours glide on easily and their staying power means you’ll look great all day long!

While we’re merely here to provide suggestions, the choice is yours when it comes to the colour combos – it’s what we love best about this lippie look. Remember, you don’t always have to adopt the latest and greatest trends – rather, stick to what you know and love, and adapt to make them your own. All that’s left to do? Pucker up!

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