This is not a Halloween drill – zipper eyes are here for reals!

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  • Thursday, November 15, 2018
This is not a Halloween drill – zipper eyes are here for reals!
This is not a Halloween drill – zipper eyes are here for reals!

Eyeliner looks come and go in the blink of an eye, so today is as good a time as any to take risks with your makeup. Add a graphic edge to your look with the zipper eye effect. Because before you know it, a new trend will be coming in hot off the runway.

Much like dotted eyeliner, negative space eyeliner and the reversed cat eye, this new makeup trend should not be reserved just for your Halloween looks. It’s right on-trend and will add an air of edginess to any look. For a unique take on winged eyeliner, here’s how to achieve the look in a few simple steps:

Step 1:

Unlike a regular cat eye or winged eyeliner look, the zipper liner doesn’t feature any liner across the lid of the eye. Instead, the focus is on the wing for maximum draw and effect to the eyes. To achieve this graphic look, sketch out the ‘wing portion’, beginning at the outer edge of the top eyelid, drawing a simple straight line. We recommend using the Urban Decay Perversion Fine-point Eye Pen, the perfect eyeliner for a solid, steady wing.

Step 2:

Now you’re going to fill in the ‘teeth’ to resemble the look of a zipper. With a steady hand and a precision eyeliner pen, such as the L’Oréal Paris Superliner Perfect Slim 01, draw small, vertical strokes, perpendicular to the straight line you’ve already drawn. Make sure these strokes are as evenly spaced out as possible for a flawless zipper winged liner!

It really is as easy as that – just two steps and you’ve completely zipped up this look! So, the next time you’re looking to get a little creative with your makeup look, try your hand at the zipper eyeliner trend.

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