Three festival makeup looks to inspire you

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  • Thursday, August 30, 2018
Three festival makeup looks to inspire you
Three festival makeup looks to inspire you

When festival season draws near, it’s time to let your hair down and experiment with funky makeup. In the past, defining festival looks consisted of full face glitter and multi-coloured eyebrows, but this year we’re toning it down a bit. Shiny and artistic are still on the agenda but they’ve since become far more grown up than the star stickers and face paint of our younger days. Since most festivals take place outdoors – these looks need to be weather-friendly, long-wearing and lightweight. Here are the top three festival looks to keep your fire going all night.

Chrome eyes

Eyeliner becomes a party tool with L’Oréal Hip High Intensity Pigments Colour Chrome Eyeliner in Silver Lightning, to give your eyes a lightning-hot flash of brilliant intensity. Keep it simple by drawing a single line on your upper lash line, extending it into an angled flick. Or for a more head-turning look, colour in your entire eyelid. Pair the chrome eyes look with chrome nails and you’ll be the shining ‘it’ girl of any festival – guaranteed.

Woman with silver eyeshadow

Dotted in gold

For dark-skinned beauties, the usual white dots on your face can be changed up for a festival. Use NYX Professional Makeup Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Gold for its felt tip pen, perfect for face dotting. The best thing about glitter dots is that you can choose your level of intensity. Press a single gold dot on your lower lash line on each of your eyes for subtle decoration or turn it up by dotting your upper face area with dots varying in size. Start from your inner eyes moving outwards, with the dots increasing in size as you go.

woman with golden dots around her eye

High highlighter blush

When you’re looking to achieve a more natural look for the more laid-back festivals try Maybelline Facestudio Master Blush Colour and Highlight Kit, perfect for a naturally sun-kissed look. If you want to jazz it up, emphasise your blushed cheeks with a natural nude highlighter. Apply the blush a little higher up on your cheekbones so that it reaches your temples, adding a highlighter layer over it for a gorgeous shine.

Woman with blue eyeshadow

From sophisticated foodie events to hard-rocking music festivals, there’s no better time to cut loose and explore your party-girl identity. The key to nailing truly unique festival looks is total fearlessness when playing with shapes and creating interesting patterns. Go wild!

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