Three mind-blowing creative eyeshadow styles to wear

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  • Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Three mind-blowing creative eyeshadow styles to wear
Three mind-blowing creative eyeshadow styles to wear
Eyeshadow styles have evolved beyond the nude browns and beiges, and new trends picked up by Instagrammers experimenting with unique styles are letting out our inner artist! With so many striking looks out there, it’s time to bring boring to an end and embrace the dramatic. Try one of these hot looks to get you started. 

Bird’s eye

It’s bold, striking and very powerful. This look frames your eyes into avian angles with an eyeshadow wing swept up to your brow bone and a sharp point to the bridge of your nose by the tear ducts. Use dark colours to transform you into a villainous black swan or opt for rainbow colours to evoke an exotic bird feel – the options are endless! You’ll need an eyeshadow palette with colour variations of your choosing and a fine-tipped liquid liner. 

Galaxy eyes

The whole galaxy rotates around your smoky centralised eye in this sci-fi fantasy-inspired look. You’ll need a fine-tipped eyeliner, a tapered eyeshadow brush and Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette. Its glowing gunmetal greys evoke colours and materials of the milky way. Another great addition would be a gold highlighter for your eye ducts to imitate the glowing rays of the sun in space, or silvery glitter to act as distant stars in the dark sky. 

Princess crown eyes

Bring your childhood dreams to life with this regal, more grown-up version of your childhood princess look. You can create the look with frozen blue and silver hues for a wintery ice princess, or sweet and romantic pastel pinks with a touch of gold for highlight. You’ll need a pastel-coloured eyeshadow palette and a complementary coloured fine-tipped eyeliner to draw the triangles of the crown. Then, accessorise the tips with rhinestones – because you’re extra like that.


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