Thumbprint liner – the new cat eye?

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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Thumbprint liner – the new cat eye?
Thumbprint liner – the new cat eye?

There are thousands of cat eye tutorials on the Internet – just like this one. However, there are probably just as many women who have never been able to get this iconic eyeliner look right, even with all the help in the world. Fortunately, an alternative has emerged for those ladies who lack the steady hand to pull off the cat eye’s artful winged flick. Introducing thumbprint liner.


Thumbprint liner is a casual, chunky alternative to cat eye. Instead of a tapered wing, the effect you want to create is one of a thick, rounded edge extending out, past the outer lashes of your upper lid. To a casual observer it should look like you applied the liner by coating a finger and pressing it onto your skin just outside the crease of your eye. 

Thumbprint liner emerged during late 2017, and the trend has been sighted on runways and red carpets alike – worn by everyone from actresses and models to pop icons. Admittedly its lack of subtlety means it won’t be for everyone (sorry, wallflowers!), but it’s striking and a time-saver – and the messier-looking the better.

Like any trend, you’re encouraged to add your own personal touch. For example, you could create a smoky thumbprint, using brushes to soften and blend out the edges. Alternatively, brighten up the look with liners other than black, or pair black liner with vibrant eyeshadow shades or their glitter sisters. Finally, for the neat freaks, create a well-lined curve that closely follows your eye crease from the edge to the inner corner; then colour your lid solid black within the line.

Ready to give thumbprint liner a try? Read the handy tutorial here.

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