Thumbprint liner: Your fast and easy how-to

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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Thumbprint liner: Your fast and easy how-to
Thumbprint liner: Your fast and easy how-to

Thumbprint eyeliner is a new alternative to the classic cat eye. The beauty of this eye trend is that it’s exceptionally easy to achieve, and it’s very versatile. Introduce it to jazz up an otherwise nude look or make it one component of a complete monochromatic style.


Once you’ve learned a bit more about thumbprint liner –  where eyeliner ends in a thick rounded edge, as if dabbed on with your thumb – follow the steps below to pull off the most common variant.


What you’ll need:

Pencil eyeliner, like Maybelline Master Kajal Eyeliner in Pitch Black


How to do it:

1 Complete your usual facial prep, concealer and foundation routine.

2 With your eyeliner, draw a line along the full length of your upper lash line.

3 Repeat the action in Step 2 to build up the line thickness.

4 With your liner, mark a dot about 1cm out and up from the outer edge of your eye.

5 Connect the dot to your lined eye.

6 Repeat Step 5 to build up the line. Important: The outer tip should appear thick and rounded, not pointed as with the cat eye.

7 In this bonus step, lightly apply shimmery eye shadow – like one of the shades in Maybelline’s The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette – over all the liner.

8 Apply mascara to complete your makeup look.

There are many different variations of thumbprint liner. Use coloured liner instead of black, for example, for a bright and cheerful festival look. Or, for an ultra-nude approach, don’t line the entire eye. Only apply a blob of liner 1cm from the outer edge of your lid and then use your finger to smudge it back towards and over your eye. 

When it comes to thumbprint liner, don’t be afraid to play. This trend was designed to free up your time and your imagination. Go wild!

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